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No matter you choose to get your jewellery or watch engraved, or any other item made of metal, hiring a reputable laser engraving company will be a smart move.


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CNC & Laser Burnaby:

CNC & Laser Burnaby CNC Burnaby was established in 2008. We offer our clients a wide range of services from straight CNC cutting of various materials to building amazing projects like Signs, Channel letters, Tools, furniture and more.

Something to Know About Metal Engraving:

Something to Know About Metal Engraving Metal engraving is an art that people have been practicing since time immemorial. It's like tattooing on a metal. The art of engraving on metal makes use of steel tipped tool. Soft metals such as gold, silver, and copper can be used for engraving. Marking metals with the laser is a very precise and the best way of working on metal. Logos, serial numbers, codes, and instructions can easily be applied on a number of metal surfaces and in highest resolution.

Benefits of Metal Engraving:

Benefits of Metal Engraving Some of the biggest benefits of metal engraving include: Choose Any Metal of Your Choice Quicker and Fast Top-notch Quality Work The Metal of the Property Doesn't Change Hardness of the Metal

Why Choose Metal Engraving?:

Why Choose Metal Engraving? Metal Engraving is a process that's performed for a variety of reasons. In fact, a lot depends on the type of metal you choose for engraving. Not only can it be done on a wide range of different metals, but it can also be done on jewellery too. The process contains making several lines on a metal to create a design, an image, or wordings.

What Metals Can be Engraved?:

What Metals Can be Engraved? Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Brass Copper Mild or Carbon Steel Stainless Steel

Why Hire CNC Burnaby?:

Why Hire CNC Burnaby? CNC Burnaby is a leading laser engraving company in Vancouver that has proudly been providing unmatched metal engraving services to Burnaby residents at affordable rates. We offer you a bespoke solution for your jewellery or any other item that holds importance in your life. Hire us, if you are looking to get your precious metal item engraved with solid results. Having been in business since 2008, we have extensively been relying on sophisticated laser machines that allow us to engrave our customers want. We are the first one in Burnaby, BC to offer laser engraving on metal and jewellery.

Contact Us:

Contact Us CNC & Laser Burnaby 6925 Antrim Ave, Suite, B ​Burnaby, BC V5J 4M5 Email: [email protected] Phone: 604-620-8221