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Laser cutting technology is used to cut various materials, such as silver, gold, aluminum, wood, etc. Earlier it was preferred only by industries, but these days it is used by small businesses, educational institutions, and others as well. Here we will explain what the laser cutting is and what its applications are.


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CNC & Laser Burnaby:

CNC & Laser Burnaby CNC Burnaby was established in 2008. We offer our clients a wide range of services from straight CNC cutting of various materials to building amazing projects like Signs, Channel letters, Tools, furniture and more.

What Is Laser Cutting?:

What Is Laser Cutting? Laser cutting is a process in which laser beams are pointed on materials to cut, engrave, or mark. When it was invented, its scope was limited, but lots of advancement have taken place in the technology since then and it has become a great choice for many industries these days for many reasons, such as its time-efficiency, cost-efficiency, and accuracy.

The Applications of Laser Cutting Technology:

The Applications of Laser Cutting Technology Laser cutting is used for cutting, engraving, and marking various materials. We will explain some most common applications of laser cutting technology here to you.


Metals Laser cutting can produce the perfect metals cuts, even the most intricate metal cuts can be obtained easily and perfectly that are unlikely manually despite investing hours of time. Also, laser cutting machines provide more accurate cuts compared to the cuts obtained from other cutting machines. A laser cutting machine is programmed and guided with software, so it can create metal parts for cars, computers, trophies, etc.

Reflective Metals:

Reflective Metals You may ask when you have already mention metals, then why you should discuss reflective metals. We have mentioned it because of reflective metals, such as silver, gold, aluminum, and copper, bounce backlight. This creates a serious concern because when high-powered laser beams are directed on the reflective metals. So, they create a risk for the laser beam itself. So, for reflective metals, fibreglasses cutting machines are used. When reflective metals reflect the laser beams on the optic fibre, the optic fibre remains unaffected. So, the fibre laser cutting machines are a safe and reliable choice for reflective metals.

Medical Equipment:

Medical Equipment Laser cutting technology is quite useful for the medical industry. It is used to cut various medical devices such as cardiovascular and orthopedic devices. Since a little mistake in the cut of a medical device can have a serious impact on the treatment, laser cutting technology is considered to be the best choice for it because it ensures clean cuts.

Engraving and Marking:

Engraving and Marking Laser cutting Vancouver is used for engraving and marking purposes as well. Several metal works are obtained through engraving and marking. For example, pieces of jewelry. When jewellers need engraving on their pieces of jewelry, they turn to laser cutters. However, it would be wrong to ignore the fact that other materials, such as wood can also be engraved and marked with this technology.


Silicon Silicon is used for manufacturing plenty of products such as microphones, semiconductors, glass, solar panels, and electronic equipment. Laser cutting technology is an excellent way to cut silicon in different designs based on the requirements. A significantfact about cutting silicon with silicon laser cutting methodis that the machine can cut silicon from smaller to the smallest pieces.

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