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Bringing Concepts to Flight:

Bringing Concepts to Flight Presented by: Christine Redmond Georgia Institute of Technology August 4, 2011 Mentor: Mr. Matt Showalter NASA Goddard Space and Fight Center Advanced Manufacturing Branch Code 547


Overview Background on EHD technology Background on Parabolic Test flight Experiment Overview Evaporator Design Condenser Design Robotics Boot Camp Team Slides Outside Collaborations Learning Experiences Acknowledgments

What is EHD?:

What is EHD? Thermocouples EHD Pump provides 750 Pa Thermocouples EHD Pump provides 750 Pa

EHD Design:

EHD Design Electrodes Power rods Fluid flow thru hole

Parabolic Test Flight:

Parabolic Test Flight

Experiment Configuration:

Experiment Configuration

Evaporator :

Evaporator 1/8’’ Insertion Cartridge Heaters 2-64 Threaded Ultem Adaptor 2-64 1/2” steel hex screw SS Swagelok Tube Fitting, Male Connector, 1/8 in. Tube OD x 1/16 in. Male NPT

Evaporator :

Evaporator Evaporator: Mass: 113.41 grams Material: Copper Overall Dimensions (cm): 16.96 x 2.41 x 1.3

Condenser/Chiller :

Condenser/Chiller Condenser: Mass: 1243.27 grams Body Material: 6061-T6 Overall Dimensions (cm): 33.02 x 7.64 x 9.33 Volume: 460.47 cubic centimeters

Responsibilities :

Responsibilities Coordinated the four fabrication projects for the Robotic Boot Camp Intern Program Facilitated Manufacturability meetings Expedited parts through the shop floor Collaborated with 30+ recent graduates and grad students to develop designs

iRAT Team:

iRAT Team “A tremendous help given the to the iRAT was the training session of how to bond the structure of the robot together, which consists of both aluminum and carbon fiber. Without this help, our team would not have the necessary knowledge of how to properly cut and bond carbon fiber material.” - Andy Gravunder Photo Credit: Matt Harrington (Left to Right) Michael Comberiate ,  Joseph Kamel , Matias Soto, Andrew Gravunder ,  David Rochell , and Lizmarie Comenencia


GROVER Team “Code 547’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a valuable asset beyond the already excellent fabrication they do. Working with them allowed us to further improve our design and manufacture parts to the exact specifications we needed. Christine Redmond's organizational and planning skills made it possible for us to make the best use of the resources available and finish the robot in time despite a tight deadline.” - Guillermo Fabián Díaz Lankenau Photo Credit: Geeked on Goddard Blog (Left to right) Goddard summer engineering apprentices Christine Redmond, Alex Edgerton, Guillermo F. Diaz, Kyle Hobin , Yuanyu Chen, Hamilton Pinheiro

Testing GROVER:

Testing GROVER GROVER Team testing at Wallops 7/7/11

Dual Robotic Arm Team:

Dual Robotic Arm Team Photo Credit: Matt Harrington Right to left: Alex Edgerton, Jon Doltar , Jeffrey Susser “We learned how to streamline our designs and get what needed to be made, made. It has been incredibly rewarding to see our designs progress from idea to computer model to real life, thanks to the help of the Advanced Manufacturing Branch.” – Jeffrey Susser

Locking Balloon Latch:

Locking Balloon Latch

Outside Collaborations :

Outside Collaborations Robotic Boot Camp Geeked on Goddard Science Blog Conversations with Goddard Summer Intern Blogger Office of Education Outreach Video SimSAT Team NASA Ambassador Event Focus Group

Additional Summer Experiences :

Additional Summer Experiences STS-135 Launch Celebration Shadowing John Kazeva Spirit Rover lecture John Mather Lecture


Matt Showalter Carole and Ken Rehm Ron Fellers Andrea Mattern John Kazeva Alberto Rosanova Jim Loughlin Code 547! “Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” Thank you!

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