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Presented by: Edward M. Joffe, Esq. Michelle L. Mejia, Esq. AIR SHIPMENT SETTLEMENT CLAIMS PROGRAM

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You may be eligible to participate in the Lufthansa Anti-Trust Settlement even if you never used Lufthansa.

What’s the problem? : 

What’s the problem? Carriers normally charge surcharges (an extra fee added onto another fee or charge) The fees at issue here were fixed such that they were not a reflection of increased costs Fuel Security War-risk insurance premiums

Who can benefit? : 

Who can benefit? Anyone that has shipped items by air cargo from January 1, 2000 to September 11, 2006 For example: Retailers Pharmaceutical Companies Freight Forwarders

How it all started… : 

How it all started… Complaints about suspicious industry pricing Fuel surcharge formula by Lufthansa On February 14, 2006, US law enforcement and international investigators conducted raids of: British Airways Plc Deutsche Lufthansa AG Air France – KLM Group and others…

Lufthansa Airlines : 

Lufthansa Airlines Accepted into the Antitrust Division’s Corporate Leniency Program Avoided criminal liability Lufthansa has agreed to $85 million dollar civil settlement in class action Lufthansa is responsible for the actions of its co-conspirators

Co-Conspirators* (just to name a few) : 

Co-Conspirators* (just to name a few) Air Canada AC Cargo LP Alitalia Linee Aeree Italiane S.p.A. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Societe Air France Asiana Airlines, Inc. British Airways PLC Cargolux Airlines International S.A. Singapore Airlines, Ltd. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Ltd. Cathay Pacific Airways, Ltd. Qantas Airways, Ltd. Japan Airlines International Korean Airlines Co., Ltd. LAN Airlines S.A. Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. Polar Air Cargo, Inc. SAS Group

ST&R Program : 

ST&R Program ST&R will file a claim on your behalf You do not need to have used Lufthansa Work on 20 % contingency You need not have used Lufthansa

Information Required : 

Information Required Total amount of freight paid to either carriers or freight forwarders from January 1, 2000 to September 11, 2006 Excluding taxes Number of airbills (transactions) Information divided into outbound and inbound shipments No Supporting Documentation Needed

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For more information concerning your assertion of claims against other air carriers, or to enhance your potential recovery in the Lufthansa settlement, please contact: Edward M. Joffe in Miami at (305) 267-9200 ([email protected]) or Kenneth N. Wolf in New York at (212) 883-1300 ([email protected]).