Pros and Cons of Starting with a Clone

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Pros and Cons of Starting with a Clone instead of a Seed :

Pros and Cons of Starting with a Clone instead of a Seed


Introduction When growing CBD, the first thing you need to decide is whether to start from clone or seed. CBD Hemp Clones are a small cutting from a mother plant that has developed its own root system. This will undoubtedly be the toughest decision you are going to make, as it will determine the strategy you incorporate in your garden.

Pros of Starting with a Clone:

Pros of Starting with a Clone If you start with a clone, you are assured that the gender of your plant is female. There are chances that the plant may become a hermaphrodite when stressed, but at least you know there are no male plants. Male plants fail to provide the euphoric and wellness benefits that females can.

Some more Benefits of Clones:

Some more Benefits of Clones Starting with a clone speeds up the cultivation process. CBD seeds take time to sprout and grow into a plant. A clone is already a few weeks ahead of the process, as it is a plant. Also, growth from a clone is much easier than growth from a seed. The clones are a great help to newbie cannabis growers.

Drawbacks of Clones:

Drawbacks of Clones The worst thing about using a clone is that they lack a taproot and possess a fibrous root system. The reputable growers have observed through a course of years that a taproot makes the plant stronger. And there are also chances that some cannabis clones might carry pests or diseases.

Some more Cons:

Some more Cons With the use of clones, professional hemp cultivators are restricted to the varieties available only in their area. The dispensaries and stores are gradually increasing the varieties, but they still cannot be compared to the seed banks.

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