Cliff Merchant - A visionary medical professional


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Cliff Merchant: - A visionary medical professional:

Cliff Merchant: - A visionary medical professional Rapid and spontaneous action are needed to be taken in cases of emergencies like heart attack, accident and casualties in one form or another where life is at stakes and every minute is precious. No one can predict when he will be struck by misfortune but when you are struck with misfortune only one thing that can increase the chances of survival is on spot right decision. Cliff Merchant is one of the most well renowned Doctors in entire Alaska region who specializes in handling emergency cases like these. Dr Cliff Merchant believes is serving people whole heartedly, for him his duty stands above all and in case of emergency he is available round the clock, he in person makes sure that each and every patient is attended with special care, through out his like Dr Cliff Merchant MD has never adopted dual parameters in his practice he is a visionary person who don’t distinct people in category on the basis of there materialistic possession. But despite his efforts to help people some people have and are even till now trying to trap Dr Cliff merchant in false allegations.

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Dr Cliff is charged with serious allegations like child abuse, and abusing patients both verbally and physically, but if you look at his record of talk to native people of Alaska they will tell you the true story.People to fulfill there greed can go to such an extent where there even don’t bother to shame humanity. The first charge that was filed against Dr Cliff was of in-appropriate behavior towards patients and track record, and has been jailed several time to accusing people with with both physical and verbal abuse, but when probe began on this case it was fount that that person who has litigated Dr. was him self a defaulter who has a bad criminal good reputation in society. The person charged Cliff Merchant such that he can get good ransom from him but after the case was close Mr. Cliff Merchant was given a clean chit at the end. Similarly other people also tried to cash situation like this by playing same trick but all on them were unsuccessful. There is a belief in society that one can become rich through two ways one is hard work while the other one is forgery people today prefer the second way but all are not lucky enough. Dr Merchant is still practicing in Alaska and after these incidents there has been a paramount increase in his popularity.