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Biox International not only expertise in Spraystream Cooling Dust Control and Odour Control, but also highly efficient in Industrial Cooling Systems inside or outside a facility.


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Industrial Cooling Systems | Spraystream Cooling Dust Control

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Industrial Cooling Systems | Spraystream Cooling Dust Control Not only do biOx Dust Suppression and Odour Control systems do what their names suggest, they also work well as Cooling systems inside or outside a facility. Unlike low pressure systems which simply wet everything, our fogging cannons or fixed line misting systems allow for significant temperature reduction by drawing heat out of the air, evaporating the micron-sized water droplets hanging in the air, reducing the water droplet to nothing. This way our Industrial cooling systems can be used indoors and around sensitive products or electrical equipment that traditionally needs high energy cooling solutions.

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Furthermore, they are compatible with sensitive products or equipment;( such as with PKE, fertiliser or around electrical equipment). They can also provide an ever-so-subtle dampening of a facility floor to avoid the re-suspension of dust. These are by far the most cost-effective cooling systems available in an open environment, and can achieve multiple benefits to your industrial, entertainment or events operation. Our systems were employed at the Bay Dreams and One Love Concert, Tauranga NZ with great success. Check our Blog Page for how they went! Industrial Cooling Systems | Spraystream Cooling Dust Control

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You Might Be Interested In Cannons BiOx’s Spraystream cannons offer fogging options with the added benefit of manoeuvrability. Our cannons incorporate fogging and misting nozzles in a stainless-steel ring at one end of a fibreglass cannon. At the other, a high-speed composite fan accelerates air though the cannon maximises air velocity with minimal noise. The outcome is a micron-sized water droplet plume that can carry some 20-75m in distance. The fibreglass cone prevents rust, and the design incorporates the highest quality internationally renowned componentry as standard (Siemens, ACC, Cat, Grundfos

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Fixed Line biOx’s Fixed Line systems utilise high-pressure low-volume nozzles to provide superior fogging solutions. The nozzles produce a fog that emits approximately 3m from the nozzle unassisted, and can be situated at the source of dust or odours or remotely (overhead or around a periphery) to provide a cleaner working environment. Jet Zone biOx’s Jet-Zone system incorporates dust suppression in the high impact area of a crusher or shredder. The same system can be utilised to provide dust suppression to a mobile plant. biOx stocks various Jet-Zone solutions to suit your requirements.

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