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Clayton Perlman has always been an avid dog lover and he is dedicated the care and wellbeing of canine companions. If you are interested in adopting a dog, Clayton Perlman shares a few tips below.


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Clayton Perlman Dog Adoption Tips

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Clayton Perlman As a dog person Clayton Perlman has a difficult time imagining his life without a pup. However he also understands that to keep one he must provide a good home. If you are interested in adopting a dog Clayton Perlman shares a few tips below.

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Clayton Perlman 1. When looking to adopt a dog make sure your: Property owner lease or building management allows pets. Homeowner’s insurance covers your new dog. Home is large enough to accommodate your new dog especially if you are adopting a big dog.

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Clayton Perlman 2. Have a yard or access to a nearby park: Dogs have unique needs and certain pups may require a fenced-in yard while others are content with a daily walk on a leash. Regardless the shelter wants to know the details of their animals’ future home lives.

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Clayton Perlman 3. Do not adopt an "outdoor only" dog: Most shelters are adamant about the fact that dogs are not lawn ornaments. Instead canines are very social creatures that deserve to be a part of your family. You do not have to allow them on the couch but if you are planning to chain up your adopted puppy or older dog in the yard then do not expect your adoption to be approved explains Clayton Perlman.

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