Clayton Perlman_ Tips for Hiking with Dogs


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Clayton Perlman: Tips for Hiking with Dogs

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Clayton Perlman is a real estate professional with years of experience. Clayton Perlman owns a business and works hard to keep it running smoothly despite today’s tough times but he always makes time to spend with his dogs so they can lead happy healthy lives. Often he can be found hiking with his dogs by his side so he and his best friends can get some exercise and fresh air.

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If you’d like to join active dog owners like Clayton Perlman tips like these will help you and your pups stay safe on the trail this summer:

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• Bring a Leash Collar and Tags Keep your dog on leash every time you hike for his or her own safety and that of other hikers. Use a quality collar that’s comfortable for your pooch and attach current identification tags to reunite you with your dog if you’re separated.

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• Bring First Aid Supplies Dogs can get hurt on the trail just like anyone else. Bring a first aid kit for both of you and a snake bite kit that’s appropriate for your local land. Adding protective booties a clean towel and doggie sunscreen to your kit will make it more complete.

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• Don’t Forget the Basics Take a page from Clayton Perlman and keep basic supplies in your car so you never forget them. Water a collapsible bowl doggie waste bags food and treats are must-haves on a hike

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