Clayton Perlman_ Tips for Boating with Dogs


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Clayton Perlman: Tips for Boating with Dogs

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Clayton Perlman is a business owner in finance and real estate who keeps a busy schedule that allows him to survive today’s tough times. When Clayton Perlman comes home from work Clayton Perlman often goes boating with his dogs to relax and leave the day behind him and it’s among his favorite hobbies in the summer.

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If you want to enjoy the water with your furry friends as Clayton Perlman does tips like these will help you keep your pups safe and happy every time:

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• Bring Water and Food Your dog should never be encouraged to drink from the water whether you’re on a lake or the ocean. Fresh water is often polluted and can cause harm to drink. Bring plenty of fresh water and food so your pooch can stay hydrated and energized while you’re on the boat.

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• Bring Doggie Sunscreen People wear sunscreen when they’re boating all the time but they often forget to protect their dog from sunburns. Bring doggie sunscreen or at the very least a doggie sun hat to protect the sensitive skin on his or her nose eyes and ears from getting painful burns.

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• Plan for Potty Time This is something only seasoned boaters like Clayton Perlman often think of but your dog will likely need to go to the bathroom while you’re on the water. Bring waste bags pee pads and cleaning supplies to handle the mess after your pooch relieves him or herself.

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