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Alla li jsalva.:

Alla li jsalva.

Alla jaghti kasna:

Alla jaghti kasna Salvazzjoni mill-jasar tal-egittu Maghhom tul id-desert Helishom mill-ghedewwa ghamalkin Ghamel patt maghhom biex jibzghu ghal dil liberta’ Fl-40 sena ghallimhom hafna (rispett, organizzazzjoni biex isiru poplu) Alla dahal biex isalvahom fl-istorja Tkun liberu trid terfa r-responsabbilta’ tieghek.

X’kien il-patt:

X’kien il-patt Alla tahom il-ligi tieghu migbura f’ghaxar kmandamenti. God promised that he will take care of them till the end of time and they promised worship. This covenant was signed in animals’ blood.

Passover :

Passover The liberation from egypt is celebrated every year. God commanded to moses that they commemorate it yearly. The passover meal. Slaughter of the lamb, hobz bla hmira, haxix morr. Dan huwa rifless fil-hajja ta’ gesu. The Mosaic Covenant, the agreement between God & Moses, is where God promises to make Israel a kingdom of priests and a holy nation (Exodus 19:6). Israel was to be God's light to the dark world around them.

Exodus story:

Exodus story The story of moses (the baby in the bulrushes, found by the princess) The servant of the princess fetches moses’ mum to be his nurse. Moses learns he’s not egyptian but a jew. Leads his people out (the seven kastigi). Spends 40 years in the desert, in which the people learn to recongnise god. Once they were thirsty and god tells moses to strike the rock with his ‘hatar’. Moses doubts. God is angry. Tells him he’ll never see the promised land. Moses dies before getting to the promised land. People are led by joshua his brother into israel.