Ghala r-religjon hi importanti

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Ghala r-religjon hi importanti:

Ghala r-religjon hi importanti Tiprova taghti twegibiet ghal mistoqsijiet fundamentali (holqien ecc)

Religjon primittivi:

Religjon primittivi Jaduraw lin-natura. Kollox ghandu ruh.


Induizmu 1500qk. Hafna allat. Brahman hu l-boss. Reinkarnazzjoni. Tista tmur ‘il fuq issir xi supestar, jew tinzel l-isfel, issir xi annimal. Skont kif tghix. Meta tilhaq l-ghola stat, tikseb il-moksha, stat ta’ paci u armonija.


buddizmu Siddharta gautama, princep. Telaq mill palazz u mar jahdem xoghol iebes. Lanqas dan ma tah kuntentizza allura intefa jimmedita. Hemm sab is-soluzzjoni. Beda jissejjah ‘buddha’ il-buddha tfisser the enlightened one. Imdawwal. Evil comes from bad desires, like greed. One has to understand himself, free from evil thoughts, be honest, live a good life, do ones’ best, meditate, concentrate on each action one does. Reincarnation ending in nirvana.


islam Submisson to the will of god. Mohammed 570 wk. in mecca there was the ka’aba. It was full of pagans. Mohammed wanted his people to have one god, like the jews and christians. Year 622 he started preaching. In 630 he went with an army and defeated mecca. In 632 he died.

Principals in islam:

Principals in islam One god, the koran, afterlife, good life – rewards after death, bad life = burn in hell. Belief in anges, messengers of god (prophets), marrying up to 4 women. No pork. No alcohol ver. Friday is their holy day.

The five pillars:

The five pillars

Charles de foucauld :

Charles de foucauld Lost faith when he became a student. Lived a life full of xalar. Tkecca mill-army. Ikkonverta meta ma kien baqalu xejn. Iss. Ghamel xi zmien mal-monks trappisti, u wara waqqaf ghaqda gdida religjuza. Brothers of jesus.

Why are horoscopes bad:

Why are horoscopes bad They’re based not on faith but on the reason is very simple, in the religion of witchcraft or as some call it paganism, the horoscopes serve a specific purpose (no witchcraft, soothsayers, fortune telling etc as those things are evil and belong to the devil)

Ecumenical document:

Ecumenical document This was written during vatican council 2, under the leadership of john23. it is called Nostra Aetate All religions lead to god. All religions seek answers . Recognises that some answers to philosophical questions in other religions are valid to the catholic church. Muslims are esteemed as there are many common points christianity – islam. (same old testament) We cannot blame all jews for the death of jesus. A new covenant. A new pact of friendship with the jew religion. That jews should not be accursed by god for the doing of their forefathers. Talks against anti-semitism . All men are equal . Nobody should be discriminated on basis of religion.