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Cohort Enrollment:

Cohort Enrollment Enrolling Students into the Job Corps Program by Cohorts

Define Cohort Enrollment:

Define Cohort Enrollment Cohort enrollment is a group of students who enter and move through a defined course of study together, sharing coursework and developing a sense of community and mutual support. Two types of Cohorts: Industry (Healthcare, Construction, IT, etc.) CTT (CNA, Pharmacy Tech, Electrical, etc)

PowerPoint Presentation:

Targeted Outreach Career Planning Process Center Assignment Center communicates slot availability and cohort input schedule Admissions enroll applicants for cohort based on industry and trade selection Center assigns student by cohort start date

Targeted Outreach :

Targeted Outreach Recruiting Applicants by Cohort

Two Key Practices for Targeted Outreach:

Two Key Practices for Targeted Outreach Industry and CTT Specific Outreach Materials Job Corps Marketing Messages

Create Targeted Materials by Industry and CTT:

Create Targeted Materials by Industry and CTT Talking Points Print Materials Advertisements

Job Corps Marketing Messages:

Job Corps Marketing Messages Things you should know and be able to communicate: What are the program requirement? What are the new expectations for students? What are the benefits of the new program?

Samples Message Points:

Samples Message Points Assessing students’ strengths early helps applicants can make informed career pathway choices and set realistic expectations for the program. Job Corps Training Programs are aligned with industry standards to ensure students receive instruction that leads to industry certifications and credentials. Academic standards help students master the rigor of the Job Corps Training Programs, pass industry certification exams, and earn education credentials – High School Diploma and GED.


Collaboration Release advertisements to align with cohort start date Communicate transition plan to new model Knowledge of how program expectations have changed


REFLECTION What are some ways that you can target students to recruit for specific programs?

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