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We’re pitting the color of sunshine and one of the sexiest neutrals ever against each other, in a colorful battle. The winner becomes the Color of the Season! fashtion tips,latest fashion trends,latest fashion tips,style tips,lifestyle blog,fashion blog,circlemag blog


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The Color Game: Olive vs Yellow CircleMagAugust 15 2019 We’re pitting the color of sunshine and one of the sexiest neutrals ever against each other in a colorful battle. The winner becomes the Color of the Season Both colors while versatile and compatible have their own personalities. The bold pop of Yellow screams vigor lively energy and chutzpah While the timeless Olive declares the subtle art of being neutral with color. Yellow’s loud and cheeky Olive’s classy earthy and tranquil. Which do you think should win Let us help you decide. Pro Yellow: It goes well with everything classic. Pair it with denim blues or a crisp white or some beige or black Need the yellow to stand out Wear it with bottle green or maroon or even better keep it all yellow. Our favorite style though is when yellow anything is worn with black and white vertical stripes Another wonder that yellow brings with it are its various shades From bright chrome to pastels to mustard yellow comes in many moods and characters. We love pastel yellow shirts to slip into with your regular jeans or chrome jackets and trenches to brighten that dull chilly day. Yellow sweaters are bae 1 / 5

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The perfect sunny floral top with dark leggings Or you can just add to your outfit a dash of sunshine with a yellow purse a scarf a bomber jacket or even a sunny pair of heels or sneakers Pro Olive: Oh Where to start. Olive needs no added garnish but it definitely puts some extra verve to neutrals and monochromes Try pairing olive with any shade of grey and you will slay. Or just try some white or black that somehow connects on another level with this soothing green. 2 / 5

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Olive trousers with a navy printed shirt and a light blazer Navy blue or a dark chocolate with olive can transform a dull and boring look to a sprightly one instantly. Or just add some browns and beiges to an all-olive look. Best part about olive though is that it’s so natural that you can pair it with gold and other metallic tones or a pale rosy pink and it’ll still be classy and dapper 3 / 5

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Olive Jacket Shoes paired with beige skirt on the right It’s truly versatile because you will never shy away from this color. Get a silky olive cami top or a shirt to go with your everyday denim. Or pair your favorite olive pants with a navy sweater or a lacy sheer top for women. Whether you pick an olive pair of shorts a skirt a dress or a jacket you’ll rock it no matter what Our favorite Olive dungarees with matching sneakers for the hearty girls and Olive chinos with navy blue sweater for the dashing boys. Ooh The images of these are urging us to make them both winners How about you Which amongst The Mighty Yellow or The Earthy Olive do you think should be named the Color of the Season 4 / 5

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Still confused Walk into a Lifestyle Store now and let the trial room decide 5 / 5

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