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HMP 510: Team 3 Final Presentation Introduction of iPads to the Diagnostic Imaging Associates Organization Edwin Punsalan Cynthia White Dana Longstreth


Introduction HIT Pros- Consultants Diagnostic Imaging Associates (DIA)- Client Objectives New Ipads for physicians and nurses- HITECH Act and HIPAA compliant Setup Secure Wireless Network Software installation Software to connect to Epic Most popular radiology encyclopedia Web browser limited to Google Scholar PubMed access Epocrates

Project Schedule:

Project Schedule

Initiation Phase:

Initiation Phase Project charter is developed Stakeholders are identified

Planning Phase:

Planning Phase

Execution Phase:

Execution Phase During the Execution Phase the following tasks were completed: Vendors were selected for the Secure Wireless Network, iPads, and Mobile Device Management. Orders were placed and received. Selection of internal employees for the project were made. Training date was set and training rooms were secured. Trainers were assigned and training of employees were conducted. Antennas for access points were ordered and received and installed

Execution Phase:

Execution Phase During the Execution Phase the following tasks were completed: Installation of cable Installation and configuration of routers and network equipment Installation and configuration of security applications HITECH Act and HIPAA compliance Approval and Closure of Execution Phase on 02/17/17.

Testing Phase:

Testing Phase Secure Wireless Network All interfaces with Epic Connectivity to Google Scholar Access to PubMed and Epocrates Security measures for HITECH Act and HIPAA Approve Testing Phase and Closure on 02/27/17

Acceptance and closure:

Acceptance and closure Turnover tasks Training of end users Start up Post implementation assessment

Project Charter:

Project Charter Contract between DIA and HIT Pros Project description / problem statement Business case In Scope / Out of scope Goals & Objectives Key success indicators Risks Budget Preliminary Schedule

Project Scope:

Project Scope In Scope Keeping the team on track and the stakeholders informed of project progress Equip all Doctors and Nurses of DIA with new iPads Install wireless network with security profile compliant with HITECH Act Install and configure software to connect iPads to EPIC Install popular radiology encyclopedia Configure a web browser that will only allow access to Google Scholar, PubMed, and Epocrates   Training for staff on the new iPads, adapting for those that may not speak English Purchasing the licensure agreements with Google Scholar, PubMed, and Epocrates Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, primarily the HITECH Act Out of Scope Allowing network access to personal electronic devices Updating the existing DIA computers Custom hardware configuration and software development Installing any software not mentioned in the project charter Purchasing and installing any additional EPIC modules iPad malfunctions and HIPAA breaches – private patient information getting hacked


Budget Planned Budget $284,444.00 Actual Budget $286,135.00 Overbudget - $1,691.00 Hardware Issue Installation during Execution Phase

Quality Objectives:

Quality Objectives Hardware installed Software installed and configured Legal and compliance requirements are met All iPads have been configured and are ready to use All end users are properly trained on applications and security systems

Stakeholder Register:

Stakeholder Register

Communication Plan:

Communication Plan

Risk Register:

Risk Register

Outstanding issues:

Outstanding issues

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