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Energy of future : 

Energy of future 1. How do you see the future as regards energy? Which type of energy would you prefer? We hope we will get a kind of energy that every country can produce on his own. This energy has to be eco-friendly and sustainable, such as solar or wind energy.

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2. Which fuel will means of transport use among the following ones? Oil Biogas Hybrid Hydrogen Hybrid and hydrogen can reduce the CO2 emissions and they are a good alternative to oil, they will be sustainable if the energy spent to produce them (in environmental and economical terms) will be less than the energy we eventually get.

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3. Which kind of energy do you think wil be used in the future? Choose among the following ones: Wood, water, organic material, oil, wind, gas, carbon, sun, nuclear energy, geothermic, C2H6O, hydrogen. Organic materialfrom waste disposal. The rich side of the world produces lot of rubbish. We have to be able to use this big amount of garbage. Wind, solar, geothermic. They are renewable and they are specific to each area. Hydrogen is a good kind of energy but we have to be sure the amount of energy we spend to produce H+ is sustainable.

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4. What Eleven Solar GmbH wishes for the energy in the future? It hopes to increase the percentual of solar energy used in Germany from 1% (actual percentual) to 20% in 2020 and 50% in 2050.

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5. Which function has a photovoltaic plant? A photovoltaic plant can change solar energy into electricity. You can use it to produce your own energy and be less dependent from the economy (you surely would pay less).

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6. What are lowest-energy-houses? These houses are built in a totally eco-friendly way; in fact they work using only sun energy and pellets. They are built to limitate the waste of heat; for example there are no windows on the north side.

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