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ELPA 7812 Qualitative Research Group Presentation:

ELPA 7812 Qualitative Research Group Presentation What

Group Members:

Group Members Miriam Phillips Sidney Hill Cheryl Hyland

Purpose Statement & Sampling Strategy:

Purpose Statement & Sampling Strategy The purpose of this grounded theory study will be to describe the expression and experience of love for male and female songwriters of famous pop songs. At this stage in the research, love will be operationalized as a strong verbal expression of physical, sexual, and emotional connection, desire, or lust for another individual. Method: Four songs by female and four songs by male pop songwriters’ content analysis.

Research Questions:

Research Questions Do women and men express love differently? What role do past experiences play in how much men and women view love? What role does sexual longing or contact have in the expression of love?

Love Songs:

Love Songs “She’s The One”-Bruce Springsteen “Let Me Make Love To You Baby”- O’Jays “Let’s Get It On”-Marvin Gaye “How Deep Is Your Love”-Bee Gees “Nobody Does It Better”- Carly Simon “I Feel The Earth Move”-Carole King “You’re So Vain”- Carly Simon “A Case Of You”-Joni Mitchell

Master Code List:

Master Code List Research Questions: How is love expressed by men and women? What role does sexual desire have in love songs? Master Code List: Disconnectedness - feelings of isolation, distance, uninterest, unreachable Sexual Longing - expressions of the desire for sexual touch and interaction Sexual Connection - Wanting to make love, having sex, or sexual foreplay Physical Connection - Desire to hold, touch, or be close physically to the one you love Emotional Connection - Desire to share, talk, and express ones feelings to another person, Flirting - Physical signals, actions, teasing Realization of Love - Committing to each other, realizing need for each other, knowing of love Sexual Performance - Promising performance, sexual satisfaction, Self-gratification, praise for sexual performance Dedication and Oneness - The proof or commitment to a relationship