The Amazon Rainforest

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The Amazon Rainforest:

The Amazon Rainforest

Whats Happening:

Whats Happening People are cutting down trees 50,000 species killed a year More carbon dioxide, less oxygen Hunting Dead animals Mess up in the food chain

Chocolate and Coffee:

Chocolate and Coffee The Amazon produces chocolate and coffee! If we cut them down, that means way less chocolate and coffee! Save the Amazon, and save chocolate and coffee!

The beauties of the Rainforest:

The beauties of the Rainforest

Why save the Amazon?:

Why save the Amazon? The Amazon is also known as “The Lungs Of Our World” It’s a source of life It sucks up the CO2 and produces oxygen IT IS AWESOME!! 

What Can We Do?:

What Can We Do? Use less wood and paper Eat less beef Support the rain forest Use less electricity Plant trees Recycle

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