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Why should you have a top 10 Christian Songs Playlist If you ask anyone today what kind of music do they hear You will hear about Ariana Grande Justin Bieber and bands like Imagine Dragons. You won’t hear anyone say Christian music even Christian people themselves don’t listen to Christian songs anymore. It is considered to be lame music nowadays so we have listed a few reasons to why you should have a top 10 Christian Songs Playlist ● It Reinforces Our Faith: Many of us have deviated from the path that was shown to us by Jesus Christ. We are not blaming anyone it is hard to flow God’s way in today’s world. However if you listen to Christian music each day you will understand the importance of Biblical truth today. This will be an effective way to reconnect with your faith in your hectic life. ● It Challenges the Way We Live: If you listen to the lyrics in Christian songs you will suddenly realize that your life is very different from the song you listen to. For example songs like “I Surrender All” and “Oceans Where Feet May Fai” make you wonder you are living your life in the wrong way and if you want salvation from Christ Jesus you need to change the way you live. ● There is Power in Christian Songs: We know you think of this point as a cliché generally used by Christians to rally them up. However we won’t be doing that instead we want you to listen to songs which inspire you to tackle difficult seasons of life. Songs where you find your identity. You can find such songs in other genres as well but listening to them as the word of them give them special power over others. ● Christian Songs Can help you cope in life: Everyone in their life has a problem some of us are struggling in career and studies others have a problem in their families and personal life. Music is a great option to escape from those realities for a few minutes of the day. Christian Songs can help this do better than anyone due to their spiritual component. Christian songs challenge you while also emboldening your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. ● Christian Songs Tells the Story of Faith: You can easily find Christian songs which tell the story of faith in their own ways. You can learn who we are to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice to trusting Him even in difficult times. These songs speak with real-life experience and connect us with our heart reminding us of who God is.

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Top 10 Christian Songs to listen to: 1. Oceans Where Feet May Fail 2. 10000 Reasons Bless the Lord 3. I Can Only Imagine 4. Gods Not Done with You 5. Our God Chris Tomlin 6. What A Beautiful Name 7. Dead Man Walking 8. How Great Is Our God 9. God Only Knows 10.Even if Mercy Me While Christian Songs are no substitute for reading Bible. but they indeed do a commendable job. We urge every Christian to listen to them in their free time.

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