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Digital Literacy Bridging the gap between “digital native” students and “digital immigrant” educators -Mark Prensky Presentation by: Mary Ellen Galloway Diana Palacios Michelle Castillo-West

Introduction : 


Definitions : 

Definitions Literacy: Digital Literacy

Types of literacy activities adolescents are involved in: : 

Types of literacy activities adolescents are involved in: Texting Instant Messaging Blogging Social Networking like MySpace and Facebook FanFiction Video Games Web story writing Digital Video/ YouTube Movies Podcasts MMORPG (media multiplayer on-line role playing game) Wikis On-line Diaries

Synopsis of Articles : 

Synopsis of Articles Expanded definition of literacy (Sternberg, Kaplan, Borck 200; Freebody & Hornibrook 2005; Luce-Kaplar 2007) How readers should engage with websites/wikis (Damico & Balido, 2007; Luce-Kapler 2007) Social Identities developed through Iming -complex discourse ( Lewis, Fabos 2005; Jacobs, 2004) -social mediated context for language use (Lewis, Fabos 2005) Enhanced Importance of Literacy Knowledge (Lewis, Fabos 2005)

Research Theory that supports digital literacy in the classroom: : 

Research Theory that supports digital literacy in the classroom: Socio-Emotional Development (Erikson) Social Learning Theory (Vygotsky) Situated Learning & Discourse (James Paul Gee) Activity Theory (Leont’ev & Rubenshtein) Motivation (Gutherie) Self Determination Theory (Deci, Ryan) Quality of Written Communication (Moore and Karabenick) Positive Affect on Reading Attitude (Alverman) Culture Response Pedagogy (Moje)

Implications for Digital Teaching : 

Implications for Digital Teaching WebQuests- Inquiry Method Wikis/ Blogs- Written Composition Social Networking-MySpace Podcasting the new Literature Circles Digital Storytelling Digital Literacy: The New Frontier Information can be accessed at http://www.readthedigit.blogspot.com

Further Research Implications : 

Further Research Implications How digital literacy affects the brain? How is digital literacy impacting reading/ writing achievement? How do we bridge the gap between “digital natives’ and “digital immigrants” in our classroom? How do we help teachers become digitally literate and stay current?

Meaningful Teaching & Learning : 

Meaningful Teaching & Learning

Final Thought : 

Final Thought In the future, how we educate our children may prove to be more important than how much we educate them. - Thomas Friedman: The World is Flat 3:0 A Brief History of the 21st Century (2007)