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The Historical Development of Rock music :

The Historical Development of Rock music Chloe King

“Rock” genre:

Originated as rock and roll in 1950’s America In the 1960’s rock and roll developed into a range of different styles. The late 1960’s are referred to as the “golden age” or “classic rock” and is the time when music sub genres within rock emerged such as: blues rock, folk rock and country rock. Musically rock centers around the electric guitar and is generally performed by a band so includes bass guitar and drums. Places importance on musicianship and live performance Associated with political activism, social attitudes to race, sex and drug use and often seen as youth revolt against adult consumerism and conformity. “Rock” genre

Rock subgenres:

Psychedelic rock – late 1960’s Progressive rock Glam rock – highlighted shownmanship and visual style Heavy Metal – emphasized volume, power and speed Punk rock – second half of 1970’s Post-punk Alternative rock Grunge Indie Rock Rap Rock Garage/Rock Rock subgenres

Rock Music Videos:

Promotional clips were popular with rock bands like The Who who used them as visual aids to live performances. Pink Floyd were pioneers in producing promotional films for their songs, The Rolling Stones also made several promotional clips between 1966 and 1968 Rock Music Videos

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