Chuck's Wedding Slides, 03 September 2011

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Chuck Dedicated to my family.

Slide 3:

First trip home

Slide 6:

An early spin around the farm with Papa, Debbie & Barb

Slide 17:

Charlie, Debbie & Bo

Slide 116:

Guess who starts showing up in pictures, eh?

Slide 124:

A certain German auto maker starts showing up in pictures too.

Slide 126:

Learn to belly dance? Sure, I’ve got the belly.

Slide 176:

Moose, P.I. and his sidekick, Mini-Me

Slide 183:

Gnomeo & the Ghetto Moose

Slide 185:

In case there was any doubt that Rob loves his job, look at that face!

Slide 233:

To you our families and friends for everything you have brought to our lives, including being here today, we are overwhelmed by your generosity of time, effort, spirit, and love. THANK YOU!

Slide 234:

Love, Rob & Chuck

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