6 Different Types of Air Conditioners Choosing Your Air Conditioners

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6 Different Types of Air Conditioners | Choosing Your Air Conditioners When choosing your air conditioners there are six different air conditioners that you will need to consider to see what is best for you. There are a number of domestic aircons to choose from in order to find the best solution for your cooling needs.

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Window Air Conditioners Just as the name is implied the air conditioners are installed through the windows. This is a self-contained unit and it’s a standalone unit. Many window units are popular with home aircon installation because they don’t require an elaborate installation and can be very compact. These air conditioners work by pulling hot air from the room and then getting it outside at the same time cold is blowing into the space. These are best to cool one room at a time or rooms that don’t have doors to block the air flow. There are also inverter aircon window units to browse through so there are many options if this type fits your needs.

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Through the Wall Air Conditioners These are similar to window air conditioners and are almost identical so you should be careful which one you choosing to make sure it get installed correctly. Instead of mounting these air conditioners in the window they instead go through the wall. These air coordinates have higher cooling capacities than the window air conditioners but can weigh more.

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Portable Air Conditioners These are different types of standalone air conditioners and mobile aircon options and have their components all in one place. These air conditioners can be placed anywhere don’t need to have any permanent installation and can be moved whenever you need cooling. This type of air conditioner is best for 600 square feet or less since high-powered ones don’t exist yet. If part of the home gets hotter than the rest and it’s not feasible to install a window-mounted unit this could be a good choice.

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Ductless Split Air Conditioners Ductless split air conditioners or mid wall split aircon systems are a popular choice because they offer quiet operation and don’t require ducts to be installed. They use refrigeration lines that go from the condenser to the blower units allowing them to cool multiple rooms at the same time. These units only need to connect to a small outlet through the wall and don’t require as large a hole as the through the wall units. These air conditioners are efficient but may require more maintenance than window and through the wall air conditioner systems.

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PTAC Cooling and Heating PTAC or Package Terminal Air Conditioners are for commercial property units and are categorized under office aircon installation. These units have a huge capacity range making them ideal for commercial properties. There can be multiple units controlled from a single location where there is administrative control. These units will be installed outside the room above the floor or under a window. You may have seen these units in hotel rooms or assisted living facilities to give some control to each room but still running from a central system.

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Central AC Central air conditioning units are a common type of air conditioners that are part of aircon installation. They can be used for either a home or office building. Many new homes also choose this type of installation. The loud condenser is located outside so there is not a lot of noise that comes from these types of air conditioners. Central air conditioners also act as dehumidifiers. These AC  are designed to cool the whole property and not to just cool one or two rooms. If you need to cool one or two rooms at a time then you should consider some of the less expensive options such as a portable AC Source:- http://chigoairconditioning.b logspot.com/2018/08/6-different- types-of-air-conditioners.html

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