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Here are top 10 tips to study well for long hour’s right before exams. Final weeks can be the majority stressful time for a student, whether in high school or college. Make sure you're prepared for your exams with these helpful final study tips.


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www.chevaliergroup.info 10 Tips to Prepare the Exams in 2 Weeks

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www.chevaliergroup.info with only a few weeks or days for the day of the exam it may be better to have some advice on how to prepare exams soon. It is not the ideal scenario but do not worry, we are here to help you ! That is why we have created this list of useful tips to prepare the exams in a short time .

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 1 Prepare a strategy and study schedule according to the time you have left until the exam .

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 2 Do not try to study everything in 2 weeks. It is impossible! In return, focus on a few topics that have come out in the last past exams.

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 3 Take the last 5 exams and prepare perfect answers for each of the questions. Remember you can use the books!

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 4 Ask your friends to share their notes and summaries for topics that you have not yet been able to study.

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 5 Use online study cards to memorize concepts, formulas, and key dates. You can also use them on the way to the exam to do a final review.

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 6 Take into account your learning style. If you are a visual person, mental maps will help you connect ideas and better assimilate information.

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 8 Organize a group study session. It will be beneficial for everyone and fun!

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Tip # 9 Instead of creating yours, look for online study resources that are ready to be used. We have lots on Exam Time!

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www.chevaliergroup.info Study Council # 10 If you do not take care of yourself, your brain can not function properly. Do not forget to sleep and eat!

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