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Chet Holmes’ Road to the Top: Not Working Harder, But Smarter:

Chet Holmes’ Road to the Top: Not Working Harder, But Smarter If you are involved in business, you must know about Chet Holmes , or even must have followed one of his business training courses. He is America’s top marketer and personal business coach to many Fortune 500 CEOs. He seems to be the kind of person who has it all: success in business and personal life, charisma, confidence and the greatest luck in the world in everything he does. It is all of his own making, and Chet Holmes’ life and rise from a simple salesperson to his current status might well be the biggest business lesson we can all learn. There is truth in the saying that you get what you want, if you want it bad enough, but the second part of the saying is wrong, according to Chet Holmes. You don’t get it by working hard, but by working smartly. After all, what is hard work? Working 12 hours per day? Working 18 hours per day plus weekends? At some point, you reach the bottom of your energy and even desire to work for a goal. The first lesson Chet Holmes teaches all the owners, managers and CEOs who come to him for help is that hard work, working in the business, is not the answer for great achievements. Working smartly is the secret behind every breathtaking success story – finding the system that helps a person with vision put their vision into practice and live to see it flourish. Discipline is the first credo in Chet Holmes ’ tested and proven system, and also his first rule all along his career path. Disciplining yourself and your staff, applying constancy and never giving up, even if the results do not appear from Day 1, these ideas built Chet Holmes’ career and inspired millions to do the same. There are other things as well, such a keen sense of time management, an aggressive and studied approach to hiring salespersons, but all these come later, after you manage to master discipline in your daily activities, in applying the long-term strategy, as well as the short-term tactics, in training your staff and making them comply with the rules you impose. It does sound army-like, but, as Chet Holmes points out, business nowadays is a battlefield, and your salespeople need to be top guns, if you do not want your business to become a casualty of war. Rising in the business world, acquiring success is similar to making your way in the military ranks. Disciplining yourself to see the measure of your success and keeping your eyes on the next level to reach is the right way – it is Chet Holmes’ way.

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