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Emily’s Song: Chet Holmes Makes It a Live Show, Not a Movie:

Emily’s Song: Chet Holmes Makes It a Live Show, Not a Movie Emily’s Song shows a part of Chet Holmes’ personality mostly unknown to the general public, who usually knows him as a keen marketer and merciless recruiter. In Emily’s Song he brings forward his sensitive, family oriented side. Chet Holmes wrote this musical and composed almost half of its songs together with his daughter Amanda. He based its story on a personal life experience, and felt compelled to share with the world a moving idea: that nothing is higher and most important than a father’s love for his child. Chet Holmes Emily’s Song may seem like a classic from rags to riches story, but its emotional underline raises it higher above the well trodden line of Hollywood melodrama. In fact, it almost was a Hollywood movie, but Chet Holmes decided to pull it out of production, rewrite the script as a musical, and make it a live performance on stage. Theatre, the direct interaction between public and actors, is the best way to convey the deepest and most beautiful feelings. You cannot see emotions on a screen; you have to experience them first hand. And Chet Holmes’ musical is filled with emotions. The storyline, the music, all convey the private experience of sorrow and loss, and outpour it to the public. It is a most unique personal experience, and this is why a movie would not have been the right choice for Emily’s Song. Most people will identify themselves with one of the two main characters – Emily and her father – through the marvelous performances by Lindsey Haun and Tom Schmid. Chet Holmes Having an extremely developed acumen for good business, Chet Holmes applied his number 1 business principle to show biz: give people what they want. And right now, people have rediscovered the taste for live shows, for theatre performances and for a direct, eye-to-eye contact with the actors on stage. As for the choice of the format – musical – Chet Holmes knows that Los Angeles has become quite a strong competitor for Broadway and the public enjoys a new musical having its premiere in the City of Angels. Business Growth Masters This is the true power of Emily’s Song – it is the right show, presented in the right manner to the public. And there’s yet one more thing: the power of emotion, which can touch every heart and move it. It is a spring of emotion overflowing straight from its author’s heart, and nothing can equal the authenticity of feeling put into lyrics and music.

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