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My time management epiphany : 

My time management epiphany Here’s what it said: To: Staff From: Chet Do not come to my door and ask if I have a minute. The answer will be “no.” Unless urgent, hold all thoughts, ideas, issues or (non-urgent) concerns until the weekly division meeting. Below is a list of when these meetings will be held. Otherwise, I will post two times per day when I will take “got-a-minute” meetings. If your needs can’t wait for the weekly meeting, write your name in the got-a-minute times allocated and I will take quick ten-minute meetings. We broke the companies down into nine “impact areas” and held weekly one-hour meetings on each area. An “impact area” is any part of your company that has a direct impact on the bottom line. You may have impact areas that include sales, customer service, product development, marketing, etc. In order to improve and perfect each of these areas you need to give them a dedicated one hour per week when everyone involved can focus exclusively on improving that area. Chet Holmes Once I established weekly impact area meetings, my team learned to hold their ideas until the appropriate meeting instead of coming to my office to share their ideas as they got them. I even put out a pad that had the words: “With Chet” on the top of the pad. My staff was then to write down the things they’d normally interrupt me with and keep that in their desk drawer until the weekly meeting. The memo went out on Thursday, and I recall distinctly that on Friday no one came to my door. It was the first time in years that that had happened, and I did not know what to do with all this uninterrupted time. I could actually concentrate at the office and I didn’t need to bring home the normal mounds of work to be done at nights and on weekends. I had a whole new learning curve headed my way. Chet Holmes No one came to my door on Friday, but, by Monday, the madness started all over. I had to have the pigheaded determination and discipline to train my staff to follow these rules. When someone comes to your door with a “got-a-minute” meeting, you stop them cold and say: “Is this something that can’t wait until the weekly meeting?” They will still try to get you to focus on it right then and there. And if you lack pigheaded discipline, you’ll cave and jump right into it. So I had to discipline myself and the staff to hold almost everything until the weekly meetings. Business Growth Masters And the best part? I went from reacting to the business 70-80 hours per week to proactively running and more effectively managing and growing the business in only nine hours per week because I broke down my responsibilities into nine major impact areas.

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