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Make a difference in your area. :

Make a difference in your area.

Trash day:

Trash day If you and six of your friends declare a trash day and pick up 10 pieces of garbage for a day. You guys will pick up 70 pieces of garbage in a week. 280 pieces of garbage in a month 3,640 pieces of garbage in a year.

PowerPoint Presentation:

“ “Litter also destroys the beauty of parks and beaches, making people avoid these areas.”

How long to decompose?:

How long to decompose? 1 million years for a plastic jug 200 – 500 years for an aluminum can 1 month for a paper bag 3-4 weeks for a banana peel

Some facts to know ::

Some facts to know : 80% littering is intentional Reasons why they litter Lazy Don’t care There is already litter there Not aware they are doing it

Help take your environment ….:

Help take your environment …. We need your help to change

From this … :

From this … From This…

To this … :

To this … …To This

Other things to help :

Other things to help If you see a trash can full let someone know who works around there Keep a trash bag in your car so that you have some place to put things besides out the window. Make sure your trash cans are secure so no trash can fly out

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Credits Put together by: Chereese Thomas Nicholas Ravenscroft Chelsey Long