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Brazil Brad Caresia , Bree Mercado, Chelsea Chadwick, Kyle Eakins, Nate Smith, Samuel Velez Lyons, Timothy Webster


Culture Hofstede Culture Dimensions Three Dimensions Individualism Uncertainty Avoidance Power Distance Negotiation Strategies Cultural Points Relationships Negotiation Pace Tactics Used


Political Government Current Government Type Federative Republic Voting President Instability Economic Freedom Ranks 118 Below world average Business

Trade Restrictions:

Trade Restrictions MERCONSUR/BRIC Non- Tarriff Barriers Effects on Business Most Favored National Clause United States

Economic and Currency Exchange:

Economic and Currency Exchange


Currency Brazilian Real Decreasing

Product 1: Notebook Computers:

Product 1: Notebook Computers Innovation Portability

Product 2: Desktop Computers:

Product 2: Desktop Computers Permanent Set-Up Advantages

Product 3: Service:

Product 3: Service Types of Service How it Relates Competition Weaknesses

The End :

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