How to Protect Yourself From International Marriage Scams

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Before making any contact with the beautiful ladies on the mail order bride sites, know the potential scams and how to avoid them.


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How to Protect Yourself From International Marriage Scams by Charles Lamm © 2017 1

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How to Protect Yourself From International Marriage Scams by Charles Lamm © 2017 Feel free to distribute this report. Just don’t change any links or claim it as your own. International dating/marriage/matchmaking agencies worldwide are a multi-billion dollar business. With that kind of money in play scams are not far behind. Most international marriage scams and even online dating scams can be prevented by using what I call: Rule 1 Never send money gifts flowers computers or cell phones to any woman who does not know what your dick tastes like. Never. That said I’d like to begin with a video I came across recently: Love Me or Love Me Not Documentary On Mail Order Brides in Ukraine and Russia part 1 2

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Even though the “industry” is scammy these men have not given up. They will help you avoid thousands of dollars in cons that are aimed at you. The rewards of finding your perfect bride are high. Thousands of beautiful educated women are actually dreaming of meeting you - if you can get past the bullshit. According to some experts 90+ of the dating industry in Ukraine/Russia are scams. I’m not saying not to pursue the perfect bride. I’m saying don’t be a chump learn from the experiences of others like Arthur and trust your gut. You will see how many scams can be prevented by ​Rule 1 ​. Below I share a number of scams you can recognize and avoid. Is the list complete I’m sure it isn’t. Why Because con men and women are ingenious. 3

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1. The Devil is in the Agency a. Large online mail order bride agencies are set up to separate Western men from their money. Period. b. The actual scams haven’t changed much in 150 years. c. Agencies will take advantage of Western men and local women. It’s an equal opportunity beatdown. d. If the agency has signed up a popular lady and she gets married they lose money. e. Letter writing is almost never done by the lady you see in the profile. f. Chances are the girl in the profile does not know who you are. g. You think you are writing to Svetlana and you might be answered by Igor. classic ​ Boris and Natasha Scam ​ h. Many agencies have a series of templates. If you don’t ask specific questions or if they are not answered you are likely reading a template response letter or email. i. Most income to the agencies comes from email/letters. j. Ask for a cell phone number. Everyone has one - or two. If you can’t talk directly the agency is doing the communication. k. If the agency convinces you to send gifts expect to pay 10x 20x the cost of that gift in the Ukraine. In many cases photos are faked to show the girl receiving flowers or chocolate. The products are returned to the merchant and the cost of the gift divided between the girl and the agency. l. Agencies will charge you 20 50/hr for interpreters and maybe pay the actual interpreter 5 10. m. Another interpreter scam is for a girl who is not interested in you to insist on an interpreter for the date even if she speaks English and then the high fees are split with the unneeded interpreter. n. If you can hire your own private interpreter in advance. You will likely pay 10 15 per hour but they belong to you not the marriage agency. You will also get honest interpretation. o. Watch out for the “limo” experience. A cab will do. Don’t go for stupid extravagance. p. If renting an apartment agencies will double the cost. Check ​Airbnb ​ for comparisons. q. A happy marriage ends 2 income streams for the agency - you and the other men who are writing letters to your new spouse. Some agencies keep the woman’s profile online long after the marriage. r. Agencies put in wide age ranges on the girl’s profiles that must be taken as false until you meet in person and the woman proves otherwise. 4

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2. Never send money. Individual lady scammers may request money for: ● Visas possibly through a fake “travel agency” ● Tickets possibly through a fake “travel agency” ● Other travel documents passport medical papers ● Travel accommodations ● “Travel insurance” or "pocket money" ● To help her to pay off a loan ● Health problems / death in the family ● Automobile accidents ● Cell phone ● To bail “her” out of jail or some other legal problem ● For rent or utilities 5

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Rule 2: Even if she does know what you taste like don’t send a penny you are not prepared to lose. Love Me or Love Me Not part 2 3. Never reveal detailed personal information until you meet in person. a. She doesn’t need to know your checking account balance. b. She doesn’t need to know your ex is a crazy bitch stalker. c. She doesn’t know that your kids are never going to accept her or share their inheritance. 6

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4. Avoid letter writing campaigns and ​get on a plane ​. Set up letters are designed to draw you in and may include ​: ● the scammer talks about her experience with local men and how they betrayed her in one way or another ● the scammer emphasizes that Russian men drink beat their wives and are only thinking about sex ● the scammer does not have a computer but writes from an Internet cafe or from her workplace ● the scammer does not have a cell phone but can call you from a "pay phone" cell phones are dirt cheap in the Ukraine and Russia ● the scammer pretends to be a very traditional and family-oriented girl ● the scammer talks a lot about her everyday activities her pets and her friends and includes pictures ● the scammer talks about unconditional trust that the two people must have in each other for the real love ● the scammer often talks about church or praying for the relationship to work ● the scammer talks about her girlfriend who married a guy from a Western country and how happy they are together ● the scammer starts to call the guy "my love" "my prince" "my sunshine" "my best friend" "my future husband" ● the scammer starts to sign her letters "your princess" "your love" "your future wife" ● the letters become long flowery and romantic which you pay to have translated ● romantic poems may be inserted in the letters ● the scammer shared her new "love" with her mother or father or grandparent and receives their approval ● the scammer tells the victim that she is experiencing sexual dreams about him ● she tells the victim that her desire to see the object of her "love" is so strong that it is overwhelming to her At the very most once you have your trip set send one introductory “are you interested” letter to women you would like to meet. Weed out any women with screwy answers or ones who are suddenly not available at the time you will be in their country ​. 7

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According to ​A Foreign Affair ​ only 3 of men seeking mail order brides ever make a trip. It’s a buyer’s market. But letter writing is an open invitation to be scammed out of thousands of dollars. Don’t pay for letters or emails. 5. Identify fake profiles. If you do have a name and address check it out the best you can online. You can also do a photo search to see if her photo comes up under alternative identities. Two image search engines are ​Google ​ and ​TinEye ​. 6. Use video chat. Video chat could be the weapon of choice in getting to know the women you are attracted to. Trouble is most agencies charge a fortune for minutes used and maybe even more if an interpreter is needed. Try ​Skype ​ instead. 8

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7. Use a legitimate international marriage agency. a. Hard to find but some do exist. b. I haven’t used them yet but ​Mordinson ​ looks legit. Initial letters are free. The girls look real. The girls answer their own letters and emails. And they maintain their own secure apartment when you visit. c. Make sure the agency vets the women and verifies their profiles. d. If you have never been to her country may want a ​package or tour ​ where you can concentrate on the fun stuff and leave the logistics to others. 9

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8. Check the scammer databases. a. b. c. 9. Know what a scam really is. 10

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10. Use common sense. a. the bigger the age difference the more careful you have to be b. scammers may have their own email addresses c. big agencies do all they can to eliminate scammers but they persist d. if a young beautiful woman found you out of nowhere beware e. delete friend requests on Facebook from women you do not know 11. Don’t rush the relationship. a. I don’t get guys falling for a photo or voice or webcam exchange. b. Make sure you know the woman’s history background and family. c. If you don’t speak her language Thai Vietnamese Chinese Russian Spanish learn enough to be polite and order lunch. 11

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Thousands of stunning women are god knows why looking for you and me. They have been through bad marriages or can’t find what they want locally. Litmus Test: Ask the woman if she would prefer to live together in her country or if she only wants to live in yours. Mail order husbands are the future. If she is desperate to leave she may have a dark past she is escaping. If you have the time living in her country can be a hell of an experience. The one scam that cannot be prevented anywhere in the world is a woman sleeping with you faking an entire relationship and then taking all your money and stomping on your heart. If you are not totally sure of her intentions Americans can go the fiancée visa route and make sure she is on board with your country and lifestyle. That gives you 90 days after she arrives to get married or she goes home. For the latest information on mail order brides visit ​ Charles Lamm Feel free to distribute this report. Just don’t change any links or claim it as your own. 12