Nic Nic's birthday (I love her)

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for your bday


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Nic Nic:

Happy- Bday meh besty Nic Nic

The Amazement:

The Amazement Think about it When she hugs you…you just get this feeling through your body like no other. You’d sit on your bed watching tv waiting just to see her. It may sound boring waiting, but trust me its well worth it.

Why today is so special:

Why today is so special IT’S NICOLE’S BIRTHDAY WHY WOUDN’T IT BE. Oh right, well nic nic is forever my besty . She’s gorgeous, smart and just amazing to be around. Pulling 5 all nighters just to see her, well it isnt so bad.

I love her:

I love her Nic Nic’s so amazing. I mean she cares for you like no one else would. You may think you are so infuriated that nothing can make you feel better. Talk to Nicole that feeling will go away. NIC’s my purple loving besty and I always will love her.