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Spine Care of San Antonio specializes in pain management services for neck, spine, joint and more. Call us today to schedule an appointment.For more details you can visit at http://spinecareofsanantonio.com/services/


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DISCOGRAPHY EXAMINATION Discography is a test in which with x-ray guidance a needle is inserted into the disc space, most commonly in the low back area, to better diagnose persistent pain that is caused by disruption of the discs, whether herniated or damaged, to help diagnose and treat pain originating from those discs. After this test is done, treatment options can include laser treatment to the disc to stop it from hurting and sealing tears that have occurred into the disc to more aggressive therapy like complete removal of the disc and placing a spacer of bone that is usually considered a fusion.

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CAUDAL EPIDURAL INJECTION WHAT IS A CAUDAL EPIDURAL INJECTION ? A caudal epidural injection is an injection done towards the tailbone area where there is a small window where a needle guided with an x-ray machine can easily access the spinal cord injecting cortisone into the epidural space that will relieve back pain and leg pain by relieving swelling and pressure inside the spinal canal from herniated disc or other conditions. A series of one to three of these injections usually can provide significant clinical improvement.

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EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTION WHAT IS AN EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTION ? Epidural Steroid Injection San Antonio Epidural steroid injection is a commonly used procedure to address neck, mid and low back pain when the pain presents and is severe, radiates to the arms, shoulders or to the legs. Using x-ray guidance, a needle is guided into space called the epidural space that will deliver usually medication containing cortisone that will decrease inflammation of discs and nerves alleviating symptoms. A series of anywhere from one to three is usually necessary when severe neck and low back pain has been present and has failed to improve with more conservative things like physical therapy or chiropractic treatments and is considered a lot of more conservative than undergoing surgery. WHAT ARE THE INDICATIONS FOR EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTION ? Indications for epidural steroid injection is continued severe neck, midthoracic or low back pain that has failed to improve with more conservative treatments including rest, medications, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatments. CAN AN EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTION HELP MY PAIN ? Usually undergoing a series of anywhere from one up to three injections will determine whether there is significant improvement that is long lasting which is the goal.

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BURSA INJECTION FOR JOINT PAIN Bursas occur where muscles and tendons insert into the bone and they are located in every joint of the body. Chronic pain from those bursas from previous injury can cause chronic pain and the treatment for that can be accomplished with injections usually with x-ray guidance or ultrasound guidance into the bursa injecting a small amount of local anesthetic and cortisone and a series of injections usually suffices to improve pain that has not improved with rest, pain medications, physical therapy, or other more conservative treatments.

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