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What have you learned from your audience feedback?   :

What have you learned from your audience feedback ? Charlotte Green

Using new technology to gather feedback:

Using new technology to gather feedback Because of the new technology regarding web 2.0, it has enabled a shared platform for distributing media products. To generate feedback I used classic ways like hand written surveys and questionnaires. However I have also been able to use video recorded feedback and websites such as Facebook, Blogger and Snappoll to create an online voting system.

Snappoll feedback:

Snappoll feedback I created a poll on www.snappoll.com to generate an idea on what the audience would enjoy most in a horror movie. The options I have given are limited, so if I had to do this again, I would make an option where the user can enter there opinion. From the results, you can see that the majority of people voted for the ‘murderer’ option. My original idea was to have a masked villain as the main fear feature, but from this I decided to just have a murderer, who you would never see in the trailer to create an element of suspense.

Feedback quotes :

Feedback quotes Briony - "Your trailer so far has a lot of potential, I like the storyline idea and am intrigued to see it finished. I think the title 'Behind The Mask' is good as it suggests there could be a double meaning to the plot. I think you need to cut down your bath sequence so it leaves more to the imagination" Colleen - "I think you have good analysis of what you're doing from different sources of media. I like the concept of your film, I think it's clever. I think you need to be better organised as you're focusing primarily on your blog and not other things" Jemma - "Your work is really good, it is well researched and you have valuable ideas. Something that may make your work better could be for you to add more photos of your progress i.e production photos" Babs - "I think that your excitement and passion for creating horror through your own visual eye illustrates to the audience how you capture emotion and meaning. I think you need to manage your time better though as you have been focusing too much on your blog"

Pre-Production Questionnaire:

Pre-Production Questionnaire I carried out a short nine question questionnaire that focused on what my target audience would want in a movie trailer. The questionnaire was given to eleven people whom fitted my target market age group of 17-25 year olds and recorded their opinions in graphs, so they were easier to see and analyse. From the results I was able to discover that the most important aspect of a trailer was an introduction to the storyline. Because of this, I devised my films plot and storyline and also how I would portray this successfully in the trailer. I also discovered from the pre-production questionnaire that they enjoy a lot of faced past cuts in a trailer, so I kept this in mind when deciding how to edit clips and transitions in the editing stage . Having taken into consideration the feedback, my trailer introduces the storyline and I also cut the trailer at a crucial point so that it would leave the audience on edge. On the website freeonlinesurveys.com. The link to my survey is here: http://freeonlinesurveys.com/start.asp?sid=3v73z423luhclvj899033 I asked people only in this age group, as this is the age of the market I will be targeting. I shall be creating my teaser trailer purposely for the needs of people within this age band.

Slide 6:

This data shows that more people like horror films then not, which re-establishes the popularity of the horror genre. From this data, you can see that the thriller and psychological subcultures of the horror genre are most popular. I am quite glad of this, as this is something that I wanted to explore beforehand and I had my mind set on creating. As I now know that this is the most popular, I will definitely involve an aspect of this in my plot and trailer.

Slide 7:

This feedback shows that blood and gore is most popular. However because I don’t have the revenue or prosthetics to make something like that look realistic and effective, I am going to incorporate the more paranormal feel into my trailer. The Blair Witch is the most popular horror film according to the feedback. I am hoping to include many P.O.V shots and have a similar location to the one The Blair Witch used.

Slide 8:

Feedback I decided to upload my poster and magazine cover to the social networking site Facebook. This is because, Facebook is aimed at our target audience (via things such as age) and I knew that there were many people who fell within our target audience who had an account.

Video trailer feedback:

Video trailer feedback In order to get audience feedback, I asked a focus group of 21 people to watch my horror teaser trailer and then give me feedback at the end . I produced a free survey/questionnaire which they then filled out . On the website freeonlinesurveys.com. Click to see results

Video feedback changes:

Video feedback changes Because of this feedback, I agree and can recognise the fact that my music in my original trailer did not fit with the horror theme. The original music wasn’t scary enough and wasn’t appropriate for the genre and its conventions. My original music was John Murphy – In the house, In a heartbeat which was taken from the film ‘28 weeks later’. However it took a while to become dramatically effective. Below is the link to the original music I used: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST2H8FWDvEA&feature=related From my feedback, I decided to use a more chilling and infantile song. This is because my trailer does involve two young female characters as the main plot and I wanted something child-like to represent this. After much research, I chose to use the theme song from the film ‘Dead Silence’. The link can be found below for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwlMnX_u6kE I also changed my transitions because from the feedback I gathered that many people thought what let my trailer down the most was the lack of flow and consistency. I had used mainly fades from shot to shot which took a lot of time to load. Instead I changed a few to blur from shot to shot which helped each frame fit together more.

Slide 11:

Once I completed editing my trailer, I projected it onto a large screen and it was shown to a group of people in my target audience. The target audience were asked to suggest what they liked about my trailer, how it was successful and what improvements it needed. Here a some positive and negative quotes from the focus group: “Brilliant music, much better than your original. Fit more!” “I don’t think it includes enough information about the plot in it.” “Love the variation of shot types it makes it very dramatic and effective.” “The lighting changes half way which is quite distracting.” “I like the balance between titles and footage, it creates a suspense.” “At time the sound overlaps but it is barely noticeable.”

Slide 12:

From the feedback that I received I was able to amend parts of my trailer to improve it. I was unable to amend some parts due to time constraints, however I did take the views into consideration . One part of my trailer I changed is that I was also able to cut down on the amount of slides that had writing on them. The feedback that I received was mainly positive, suggesting that I had managed to meet the expectations of my audience . This feedback has taught me that it isn't just the physical making of a trailer that makes it successful, editing is needed to highlight it and make it more appealing to the audience as a lot of the positive comments I received were about conventions of the trailer that were included during the editing stage.