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francisf September 24 2018 Is Email Dead The Power Of Web Push Notifications And Increased Open Rates f r a n c i s f a u l k n e r . c o m/is-email-dead-the-power-of-web-push-notifications-and-increased-open-rates/ Let’s face it we all know about emails and how to use them effectively don’t we however if you are like me you get hundreds a daymost of which are rubbish and you have them sorted into different categories depending on their importance to you. But how many of them do you actually read Not too many I’ll bet. You see there in lies the trouble with emails these days it is so difficult to determine which ones are important enough to read and which ones are junk. Now we have heard of mobile notifications as they have been out a while and all the big players are using this as a means to communicate with us on a daily basis. 1/4

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But this too has its limitations in that it is purely mobile based and yes it does reach a lot of people but it doesn’t reach them all does it. And also it has to be acted upon right then or it is gone for good. So we now have a new player on the market called Web Push Notifications and this is a game changer for internet marketers even though many don’t even know about it just yet. We’ve all seen them pop up on our P.C. at home advertising something after we allowed notifications effectively opting in to receive these notifications To be using this now is like getting on the wave as it is just building up and surfing it til the end. You can practically dominate any niche as there is very few people actually using this to its fullest potential yet AND it reaches both mobile and desktop users too. Win Win if you ask me….. Imagine how much you would take away from your competition if you were using this as you could target customers at will whenever you wanted to with specials or announcements about an upcoming event whereas your competitor can’t do that and has to rely on custom coming in the door to do it. What a game changer for your business getting all that lost trade…. So how is this useful you might ask 2/4

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Well let’s say you own a restaurant or a takeaway and you’re having a slow day. Well you can send out a message to your subscribers offering a discount but only for the next 2 hours if they come in to your establishment. Now this message goes out and is read immediately by both mobile users and desktop users and has the ability to generate in some cases up to 40 increase in business so can you see the potential here. Perhaps a car wash business can offer a quick wash for the next hour for only 10 just drive down and get it now….Imagine how much extra business that could bring in. This is immediate and very responsive AND people have subscribed to it so they have already shown an interest in it so you’re half way there. Now if you are in business and you want more customers then you are in luck today I am able to offer to work with you and manage your campaigns to send out Web Push Notifications to all your customers this is a simple procedure for you as I do all of the work and you just happily take all the extra custom from it. The results from this will soon show you how powerful this is to your business and can make you a lot of money that you would otherwise have lost out to your competition. So I don’t know what your turnover is for your business but what would an extra 10 make to your bottom line every month or how about 20 or even 40 3/4

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These figures are all possible with web push notifications and well worth the monthly fee for this service. This can be time consuming as it takes time to set up and administer every month but that will all be taken care of for you releasing you to do what you do best run your business and spend the extra cash you will make whilst your competitors chew their nails down wondering how to get customers through the door. AND as a web bonus I’m even going to for a limited period only wave the set up fee of £197.00 which I usually charge. I can’t be fairer than that for you to try this out and see what your business does with the extra money. It doesn’t matter what the business is really but traditional bricks and mortar ones work best and get the most benefit from this system. So if you have a car wash business or a restaurant service or maybe a chiropractors or plumbing business then get in contact with me for a chat and see what I can do to get your business making more money in those quiet periods where you are still spending money on staff and services but not getting those much needed customers through the door. If you want to know more then initially contact me using the contact form on the website here and leave a contact number and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please use this link to go to the contact form Click Here For Contact Form 4/4

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