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As an HR executive, you should be aware that leadership and conflict go hand-in-hand. Therefore, often you’re thrown into a conflict between two employees and you are required to resolve it. At such times, don't avoid facing it, instead face it for the resolution- it’s your job! You have to understand that conflicts at a workplace are unavoidable.


You need to understand that it’s you who has to tackle and come up with a sensible solution, which is the need of the hour. You need to develop the ability to recognize the conflict, understand its nature and intensity. Having done that, bring about a resolution to the conflict and take swift action to avoid any inconvenience at the workplace . What you need to do?


Waste no more time, on having detected a conflict, catch hold of the two parties involved directly. Emphasize to the two employees involved that you wish to address the fight/disagreement . Ask them to talk about the issue. While speaking to them, speak in simple English to avoid any further misunderstanding. Guidelines : Address it directly


Speak with either party to get to the root of the problem. Take into perspective both the point of views and focus on the point of agitation. In addition, along with the emotional aspect make sure to spell out the facts and discuss the event from a professional point of view that actually led up to the inflamed situation. Listen to both sides


Whenever resolving a conflict at work, make sure to be positive. It is important that you exude positivity to enforce the same on to the employees. While tackling major issues like these, it is important for you to speak English professionally and in fluent English. This will set a good example for your employees and would enable them too to keep a tab on their language and work on their communication skills . Be positive


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