Light The Hope Of Life With Positive Energy


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Light the Hope of Life with Positive Energy In this fast-paced modern world where our daily life is no less than a competition it is too hard to stay positive - all the time. I admit it But it is honestly not impossible So when I say positive what do I mean Do you know what was the one thing common between Buddha Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Edison It was positive energy The positive energy in Buddha led him to the path of enlightenment. The same energy stimulated Mahatma Gandhi to fight for freedom - with Ahimsa. And the positive energy in Thomas Edison empowered him to conduct a thousand experiments that led to the invention of the light bulb. Edison said the 1000 failed experiments were not a failure but „1000 steps to the invention of the light bulb.‟ Isn‟t this something insanely positive Read more article: Rise up every single time Great people have positive energy to bring great things to the world. But where does this positive energy come from How do we get it It is easy to discuss all this but difficult to practice. So here is a simple way to lead the life positively. To begin with we need to understand that every human being has negative and positive energies within. Similarly our universe is an atmosphere filled with negative and positive energies. The only thing we need to do is find the positive energy sitting inside you and bring it to existence. You can bring your positive energy into existence through your thinking your actions and your emotions. These three aspects of your mind body and soul have the greatest positive energy in the world to fill your life with love happiness health and prosperity. Read more article: I am with You There was a group of researchers who conducted a survey on patients admitted in a hospital. The patients were suffering from a fatal disease and they knew they would die in some days. But when researchers spoke with them two of them were extremely positive in their behavior and thinking towards life. While others were extremely negative in their thinking. After some days the researchers found out that the patients who were optimistic recovered. Whereas others who had negative thinking and no hope for life died. This was not a magic but a miracle Human beings go through different problems in life. Sometimes we find it impossible to stay positive. But if we change our perception towards life we will surely find that positive energy in one form or another. We need to strengthen our will power have faith and stay calm and patient to feel our positive energy.

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Have faith in positive energy just like you have faith in God. You haven‟t seen God but you still pray to him with the hope that he is listening to your prayers. When life is full of problems light the hope of life with positive energy. Bring it to existence through your smile laughter love faith and generosity. Your positive attitude will definitely result in positive actions as positivity will attract positivity whereas negativity will attract more negativity. It goes as per the rule: „like attracts like‟. Whatever the problem is remember there is always positive energy to fight that problem. When life gives us a problem it also gives us the solution to fighting the problem. But we just need to find that strength within ourselves. When you find it you will be a positive person leading a positive life - just like any other great man in the world As Buddha has said “set your heart on doing well. Do it over and over again and you will be filled with joy.” For the Top and best motivational speaker contact us: +91 7980776312