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slide 1: Casual Wear: The Most Comfortable Outfit For Men Description: Casual wear can be styled in various ways can are considered to be the most comfortable wears. Read on to find out what makes them so popular and how can you accentuate your style with it. Casual outfits for men are not only comfortable and stylish at the same time. One cannot deny the fact that casual wears give immense comfort to the one wearing it. No other outfit can match the durability and fit that casual attire provides and therefore they are the basis of any man’s wardrobe. Casual wear can give a laid- back look to anyone while allowing you to portray your style subtly. Why are casual wears so popular Anyone can look good in formal wear but wearing your casuals right is an art. Pairing them correctly can give you the desired look and choosing the wrong combinations might not achieve this goal. But the best part about casual outfits is that there is no right and wrong way of wearing it. The ‘no rule’game attracted a lot of youngsters and therefore casual outfits remain to be one of their favourite wears. Whether it for a casual party dressing up to go to the college or going to get the grocery casual wear are worn by everyone everywhere. Casual menswear: best casual dress for mens There is no contradiction in the fact that casual menswear is indeed the best casual dress for men. Casual wear can range from denim t-shirts casual shirts jackets sweaters to jeans. Formal wear is expensive and worn only a few times whereas casual wear is comparatively cheaper and worn almost everywhere. This makes casualwear a hit among many and therefore people invest more in shopping for casual wears more frequently than the formal wears.

slide 2: How to look your best in casual wears As mentioned above there are no rules on how to wear causal wearsand therefore there is no right and wrong way of wearing it. But if you want to stand out you can follow some tips which can accentuate your style. So here are some tips which you can keep in mind to slay that wear. 1. Apparentlyyou wear a casual outfit as you are heading to a casual event. Thismeans that it is very important to keep the location and occasion in mind. If you are heading to the market or a beach keep it simple. If you are choosing an appropriate outfit for the casual Friday at work you can combine it with smarter wear to give it a semi-formal look. 2. Apart from the occasion you need to check your combinations. The right combination can make you look very calm and composed. If you are looking for the ideal combo to wear for a casual event but also want to look a bit formal at the same time you can try the following combinations: • Jeans + plain t-shirt • T-shirt + blazer + black jeans • Jeans + casual shirts for men • T-shirt + chinos 3. Do not sacrifice your comfort for the things merely because they are trendy. Invest in outfits which you are comfortable wearing. Wearing something which is uncomfortable makes you self-conscious. This ultimately reflects on your face and body language that drains all the style away. 4. Pay attention to the minute details and the fit. Choose the fit according to your physique. Also pay attention to the details such the tucking sleeve

slide 3: rolling rolled jeans so on and so forth. Tweaking such details makes a significant difference. Where should you buy casual clothes for men from Make sure that you buy casual wears from reputable portals to ensure the quality and durability of the material. Also choose a fashion portal which has a wide range of collection along with offering secure payment gateways and ‘return or exchange’ options to the customers.