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Chad Boulter has been a professional snowboarder since the age of 21 and also works as a certified instructor to help others pick up the basics of the sport.


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Chad Boulter An Early Learner While many people tend to pick up extreme sports once they approach their teenage years, Chad Boulter developed an interest in skateboarding at the age of four. This allowed him to improve his technique to the point where he was able to enter local competitions and come out on top in his early teens. He eventually made the decision to go pro and has never looked back, building a reputation that is based on the early foundation that he started to build as a child.


Chad Boulter Transitioning To Surfing Despite the fact that he grew up in Florida, Chad Boulter never had an interest in the sport of surfing as a child. He focused most of his intentions on skateboarding, turning pro at the age of 18 before taking up snowboarding as a means to improve his skating technique. Having found he had an aptitude for both sports, he eventually made the decision to give surfing a try when he returned home to Florida.


Chad Boulter Winning Competitions Chad Boulter has been winning snowboarding competitions since he first switched from skateboarding to snowboarding in 2008. Boulter traveled from his home in Jupiter, Florida to Colorado when he was nineteen and found himself a natural on a snowboard. At the urging of his agent, Boulter decided to pursue snowboarding full time, and has become one of the best in the United States.


Chad Boulter Certified Instructor In addition to being a professional snowboarder who is currently working on his technique so that he can be in with a shot of making the US Olympic Team and competing for medals in his chosen sport, Chad Boulter is also a certified instructor. He works with snowboarders of all ages and skill levels, helping them to understand the basics of the sport or working with them to help them pull off new tricks or improve run times.


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