Get an Effective Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

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Get an Effective Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

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Generally workman’s compensation means insurance should be given to an employee getting injured while doing his job .

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O n the Job  Insurance The insurance offers benefits to the employees for his work related injuries and illnesses. 

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Which person is eligible for getting this insurance benefits?

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If you are running an industry other than construction, and also having 4 or more employees working under you full time or part time, then you need to carry the worker’s compensation coverage. An exempted corporate officer should not be enlisted under the group of employees. 1

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If you own a construction industry and having 1 or more employees including yourself, then you should carry Florida workman’s comp coverage. An exempted corporate officers or the member of LLC should not come under employee group so that they can’t enjoy the benefits of workers compensation insurance. 1

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3 If you own a state or local government, then you are bound to carry worker’s comp coverage for the welfare of your employees.

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