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Writers fill many roles beyond completing their novel. A few skills from several other careers are necessary to succeed. Objectives: Marketing Mix, Duties, Skills, Evolution of Marketing


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Many Roles of a Writer:

Many Roles of a Writer NEXT

Is Writing an Easy Career Choice:

Is Writing an Easy Career Choice PLAN CREATE SELL Market Research Write out plot Organize Time & Notes Consistent details Powerful words Good pace & strong character development Best places to sell Book Cover Summary Advertise Promote NEXT BACK

Roles of a Writer:

Roles of a Writer Create works of fiction & non fiction Marketers Accountants Promoters Managers (of self and team) Advertisers Researchers And on and on and on…. NEXT BACK

Skills Required:





ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE Writing is approximately 60% imagination. The storyline and pace are critical parts of a story. However, character development is just as important. All three work together to hold readers’ attention. together to hold readers’ attention. EXIT


ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE It’s not necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree in English to be a writer. Two alternatives exist: hire an editor or use a site like Grammarly to reveal grammar mistakes. Errors within a text throw off the readers and makes the author lose credibility. EXIT


ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE Regardless of whether the writer self-publishes or works with an agent, after the book is written, it is all about how many readers they can connect with. Digital marketing makes that much simpler. However, book readings, local events, or simply carrying a few copies wherever you go and offering them out helps to raise sells. EXIT


ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE Time and responsibilities need to be closely managed. It can become difficult to make time each day to write for at least two hours. Writers must manage themselves closely. They are their own boss. Not only does the completion of each project fall on the author, motivating oneself also falls in line with self-management. EXIT


ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE The internet allows authors to connect far and wide via different forms of digital media. Running advertisements on mobile devices and social media are two common ways of doing this. EXIT


ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE Advertising and promoting are two different factors of marketing. There are many ways to promote, Here are a few: Offering book free Offering a discount. Creating a book trailer and placing it on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, & more Running an ad Recruiting affiliate marketers Hosting a live event [e.g. webinar] EXIT


ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE True, writers are sole proprietors. However, even they need a team in terms of outsourcing some of the labor. Graphics designer to make a professional book cover Friends, family, and dedicated readers to help spread word of the product Online stores to provide a place to sell and a few marketing tools Ad team to create media. Today, competition means taking advantage of social video platforms Web designer to create a site readers can return to for a collection of your works, where to find them, and learn more about you Peers. When writers support each other, everyone profits. For those who do not choose to self-publish, an agent is their primary business partner EXIT


ORGANIZATION MEET CONSUMERS DIGITAL M ARKETING BRAND IMAGINATION PROPER GRAMMAR TEAMWORK PROMOTE Every story is a reflection of the writer. It turns them into a brand, traits recognizable to the author. For example, when readers want a good horror, they generally search for Dean Koontz, Stephen King, or Anne Rice. Their names have become synonymous with excellent horror novels, making it part of their brand. EXIT

5 P’s of Marketing:



PEOPLE 5 P’s of Marketing For writers the most important aspect is market research When? Before writing the story. After choosing the concept Goal? Discover the size of the market for the book’s subject matter Discover common traits of the customers to utilize during promotional period Help determine the value of topic. Important in deciding price. How to use the information? Plan the activities of the promotion Decide the best platforms to use in selling product Improve on original concept of book plot Create content for later use in advertising Form bond with readers Tips: Ask questions Visit online book stores to learn the topics readers search the most Search engine analytics Back to Bookshelf >


PRODUCT 5 P’s of Marketing What does product consist of? The book/e-book The cover Other products associated with the book [video, webinar, other books within series, etc.] People & Product are the two P’s of the marketing mix where planning is essential. Why? Seamless work flow Increased value and sells Motivation to complete project Back to Bookshelf >


PRICE 5 P’s of Marketing By this stage the writer has an estimated value of what their book is worth based on market research. Final price determined by: Percentage required by vendors Price guidelines per vendor Estimated value Profit margin Expenses Distribution method Final price is determined after the product is made. It depends on several other factors. Price element of marketing also includes sales discounts, making it a vital part of promoting. Back to Bookshelf >


PLACE 5 P’s of Marketing Why is choosing the place to sell your book important? Determines quantity of readers reached Determines the different types target readers reached. Also factors into the price of the book. The greater the usefulness, the more value the product holds . Example  Graphics Design Web d esigners Bloggers Artists Gardeners SHOP VALUE Should take advantage of multiple sales channels: Mail order Person-to-person Business-to-business Affiliate marketers E-commerce Brick and mortar Etc. Back to Bookshelf >


PROMOTION 5 P’s of Marketing Similar to ‘Place’, promotions should be a mix of varying tactics to broaden reach. Example  One common technique is to give book away freely on Kindle for a set period. The theory is it profits in the long-term to have many people read your work and know who you are, rather than sell to a few and shorten your reach. Branding is a different form of promoting. However, it effectively increases loyal readers who will come back on your next release. See  Components of Promotional Mix: Selling in person Ads PR Direct & Indirect Marketing Sales Promotion Back to Bookshelf >


HISTORY 5 P’s of Marketing Phrase coined by Neil H. Borden (1895 - 1980) History of Marketing Mix* First used in 1949 Originally the 7 P’s of Marketing: process, people, physical evidence, product, place, price, promotion E. Jerome McCarthy later reduced it to the 4 P’s of Marketing in 1960: Product-Price-Promotion-Place. Wikipedia: “Marketing Mix” 1994 – Present Day Digital Marketing Mix* 1949 Neil Borden discusses 7 P’s of Marketing 1960 E. Jerome McCarthy changed it to 4 P’s 1980s AMA Conference leads to adaptations. 1990 4 C’s created. Lautenborn* 1990 Shimizu creates his own version of 4 C’s* n ext page >


HISTORY 5 P’s of Marketing Koichi Shimizu's 4 C's Commodity Goods & Services Communication Ability to communicate to consumers about the product, discounts, uses, and more Cost Production Selling price Social cost [Ex. Consumer’s time, dissatisfaction, financial burden, etc.] Cost after sales discounts Channel Various ways to distribute goods and services n ext page >


HISTORY 5 P’s of Marketing Robert F. Lautenborn's 4 C's Convenience Meant to encourage the seller (writer) to find the simplest way consumers can obtain product. Communication Includes the customers’ ability to communicate their wants and needs. Cost Lautenborn’s definition of cost not only considers monetary value, but what it costs consumers to obtain the product. Consumers The market segmentation that groups readers according to common traits to identify their wants and needs n ext page >


HISTORY 5 P’s of Marketing Digital Marketing Mix Back to Bookshelf > 5 P’s Physical Evidence & Process Physical Evidence: Proof, visually or through analysis, that customers are satisfied with the service and the product. How can it be improved upon? Process: Method or technique used to deliver product to the consumer and the quality of the service Small Business Bonfire: “How to Adapt the 7 Ps of the Marketing Mix to Digital Marketing”

Difference Between Advertising & Promoting:

Difference Between Advertising & Promoting Advertising is one element of promoting Promotions have long-term and short term goals See: NEXT BACK Whereas promoting is a plan, advertising is an array of content displayed over digital and physical mediums Promotional Mix TIMER

In What Way Do Writers Perform the Duties of An Accountant?:

In What Way Do Writers Perform the Duties of An Accountant? Find financial means of funding marketing plan Discover profit margin Invest in future endeavors as writer Track income revenue for reporting taxes and keeping account records current Be informed of politics that affect career BACK

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