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Getting Ready for the Writing Test!:

Getting Ready for the Writing Test! Test Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Reminders: Read the prompt carefully . Highlight or underline the important words in the prompt (like define or effects ) EX: Technology has changed our society . Some people believe the change has been positive , and some people believe the change has been negative . Write an essay that states your position (positive effects or negative effects?) and give 3 reasons to explain your position .


Reminders: Plan your essay. EX: Positive effects: makes it easier to help people when bad things happen around the world helps sick people because technology is used to figure out why people are sick and how to help them internet provides information at a person’s fingertips that they might not be able to get anywhere else


Reminders: Write your essay following the format you’ve been practicing. Each paragraph has to have a topic sentence, details, and a clincher sentence. EX: One positive effect technology has on our society is that it connects people around the world. For example, when the earthquake hit Haiti and all of those people were in trouble, technology helped find some who were missing and buried alive. Technology helped the rescuers hear people’s cries for help because they used devices that could pick up noise much better than a person’s hearing. If it had not been for that kind of technology, many more people would have died. This proves that technology definitely has a positive effect because it saves people’s lives.


Reminders: Use transition words between ideas and paragraphs. EX: Another reason that technology has a positive effect on our society is… Or Technology also has a positive effect because… Or Finally , technology is a positive addition to our world because…

Reminders: :

Reminders: Proofread your writing before you hand it in. Be certain that you answered the prompt with details. Double check to see that each paragraph has a topic sentence, details, and a clincher. Make sure your spelling is correct and you’ve written complete sentences.


Details: Bring 2 #2 pencils to the test. You cannot use pen, only pencils. Write only on pages 3 and 4 of the booklet. Only those 2 pages will be scored.


Details: Write only on the lines on pages 3 and 4. Don’t write in the margins or above/below the lines because that work won’t be scored The test is 100 minutes long, unless you are lucky enough to have extended time. Your teacher will let you know about that if you’re not sure.

Hints for success::

Hints for success: Get a good night’s sleep tonight. Eat a healthy breakfast because that will make your brain work better. Take your time and write carefully. Reread your final essay before you turn it in. Remember how smart you are! Have confidence in your abilities!

And finally…: