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August 26, 2010 : 

August 26, 2010 English 2

Important Information : 

Important Information Log in every school day Check the daily announcement for updates and help (there’s an Announcements tab on the left of your screen) Check your Messages every day (there’s a Messages tab on the left of your screen)

Important Information : 

Important Information Message me when you have a question or need me to do something Check your grades in the Grade Center every day; I’ll grade any submitted work within 24 hours

Important Information : 

Important Information Check with your classroom teacher for your daily lessons Ask for help when you need it; you can Message me or Pronto me if you have Pronto set up at school

The MOST Important Information… : 

The MOST Important Information… Have fun! Learn lots of new things! Do your best work! Let me know how I can help you!