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AcroPrepTM Filter Plates Rapid biomolecule removal or purification Viruses Proteins Enzymes Monoclonal antibodies Oligos Peptides

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MinimateTM Tangential flow filtration system Exchange buffers and concentrate samples before and after chromatography.

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AcroSepM Ion exchange chromatography columns S, Q, CM, DEAE chemistries 1mL size Variety pack includes one of each chemistry Rapid, high capacity protein purification in a user-friendly format

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EnchantTM Life Science Protein purification kits For fast and easy multi-protein affinity fractionation.

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AcroPrepTM Advance Filter Plates Ideal for multiplexing and neonatal screening assays Multiplexing Neonatal screening Lysate clarification Nucleic acid binding and purification Protein purification General filtration

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AcroPrepTM Filter Plates 96- and 384-well designs for high throughput purifications Available in a variety of membrane configurations to meet your application needs.

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Pall Spin Filters Simple, fast, and reliable concentrating with high recoveries Nanosep® Nanosep MF Microsep™ Macrosep® Jumbosep™

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AcroSep™ – “Gel-In-A-Shell” Pall’s patented technology for chromatography resins Affinity Ion exchange Size exclusion Hydrophobic charge interaction Solvent-detergent removal Ideal for a variety of applications:

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AcroPrep™ Filter Plates Excellent for use in high throughput sample prep applications Increase throughput for concentration, desalting, and purification of biomolecules.

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Enchant™ Life Science Kits High capacity albumin depletion in just 10 minutes Achieve > 97% removal of albumin and lgG from 50 µm of serum or plasma.

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AcroSep™ Ion exchange chromatography columns For higher dynamic binding and faster sample processing.

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Nanosep™ Rapid processing spin filters Simple and reliable centrifugal devices for small-scale concentrating and desalting applications.

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Vacuum Manifold Rapid processing spin filters The perfect fit!Engineered specifically for AcroPrep™ and AcroWell™ filter plates.

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Minimate™ TFF Capsules Tangential flow filtration capsules The easy way to optimize protein refolding processes and accelerate bioprocessing applications of up to 1 liter.

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Jumbosep™ 60 mL centrifugal filters Convenient and reliable concentration, purification, and clarification for a variety of biological sample applications.

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Multi-well Filter Plates Accelerating your process has never been easier Speed your rate of discovery with Pall’s AcroPrep™ and AcroPrep Advance filter plates.

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Acrodisc® Gamma irradiated syringe filters Featuring Supor® membrane for low protein binding.

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Macrosep® Centrifugal Devices Rapidly concentrate biological samples up to 15 mL Concentrates samples in 30 to 60 minutes. Provides high recoveries, typically greater than 90%. Low protein-binding Omega™ membrane minimizes loss. Built-in deadstop prevents spinning to dryness.

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Sample Prep Products For the demanding needs of chromatography applications Pre-packed chromatography columns. Chromatography resins. Mustang® chromatography membrane. Chromatography filter plates.

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AcroSep™ Ion exchange chromatography columns Patented ceramic HyperD® ion exchange chromatography resin. Color-coded for ease of use. Rapid and efficient. Fast protein purification with high capacity and superior resolution.

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NEW! Protein Sample Preparation and Analysis Application Manual Complete procedures for protein purification and multiple sample prep applications. Reference data and product requirements. Ask for your copy today!

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AcroPrep™ 96 Filter Plates Available in a variety of membrane configurations Perfect for conductingscouting experiments.

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Mustang® Ion exchange syringe filters Rapid protein fractionation with high binding capacities and fast flow rates.