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Welcome to Global Studies

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Let’s see what Global Studies is all about? Lesson 9.03 Project Presentation created by Vanessa R. in PowerPoint and

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Global Studies Getting Started in

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The Announcement Page is your friend…

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Maintain Pace Maintaining pace is very important…

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Modules take one month or less DBA (quiz) at end of each module May be face-to-face in VLL or by phone Be prepared to discuss what you learned… DBA

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Be original, avoid plagiarism… NO COPY

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Always log in at

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Course Homepage

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Select Lesson

Tabs Help You Navigate:

Tabs Help You Navigate

Read everything on each page!:

Read everything on each page!

Using Work Files:

You MUST title your files correctly! LastFirst101 No dots or spaces Save as .rtf or .doc Using Work Files LastF101

Submitting Your Work:

Submitting Your Work

Do Lesson First!:

Do Lesson First!

Attaching File:

Attaching File Flast101 Flast101 LastF101.rtf

Always Check “Submit for Grading”:

Always Check “Submit for Grading” Feel free to type comments to your instructor.

Grades Returned to Gradebook:

Grades Returned to Gradebook

Select Next Lesson:

Select Next Lesson

Find Pace Chart:

Find Pace Chart

Select Your Pace:

Select Your Pace

Segments are 16 Weeks long!:

Scroll to bottom Segments are 16 Weeks long!

Use Printable Version:

Use Printable Version

Title Files Correctly to Avoid Problems:

Title Files Correctly to Avoid Problems You MUST title your files correctly! LastFirst102 No dots or spaces Save as .rtf or .doc LastF102rtf

Print Pace Chart Before Submitting:

Print Pace Chart Before Submitting

Mod 1 Quiz at End of Week #1:

Mod 1 Quiz at End of Week #1

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Global Studies Time to get started in You Can Do It…

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