Why CBD Hemp oil could be an important part of a healthy lifestyle

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CBD Hemp oil, administered as a drug or as a food supplement, has demonstrated in mice its efficacy in the face of symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, such as neuropathic pain, anxiety, depression, and inflammation.


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Why CBD Hemp oil could be an important part of a healthy lifestyle Colorado Hemp Oil to prevent and treat Fibromyalgia 5/9/2018 Liposomal CBD

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CBD Hemp oil administered as a drug or as a food supplement has demonstrated in mice its efficacy in the face of symptoms associated with fibromyalgia such as neuropathic pain anxiety depression and inflammation. Researchers have now patented their use for this application and are looking for a pharmaceutical or Food Company that is interested in commercial exploitation. Scientists of the group medicinal Plants of the Faculty of Pharmacy have discovered that the administration of Colorado Hemp Oil to mice with fibromyalgia causes a recovery of their cognitive capacities a decrease of the Painful perception and a normalization of its muscular tone up to levels compared to the mice used as controls i.e. mice that do not have fibromyalgia. The oil of hemp CBD Hemp oil seeds used does not contain any narcotics. Its components are omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids in health-beneficial proportions as well as other minority elements. This chemical composition was described and published last year in the International Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and now its use to prevent and treat Fibromyalgia has now been patented. According to the authors the potential of this patent is of high interest to the pharmaceutical and food industry since it would be possible to supply the

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composition in tablets powders solutions suppositories microspheres etc. as well as in compositions. Nutritional whether it is introduced in the food itself: dairy products meat vegetables beverages etc.-or as a nutritional supplement. Other oils such as sunflower or olive have also been used in the study but not so good results in the treatment of this disease "probably among other reasons" point out the investigators responsible for the patent "for his Different proportion in fatty acids. " Fibromyalgia/Public Health problem Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease recognized by the World Health Organization WHO since 1992. Its main characteristic is generalized musculoskeletal pain with hypersensitivity in multiple predefined points. In recent years Fibromyalgia has become increasingly important until today becomes a public health problem of the first order due to its high prevalence in the population the little knowledge about its causes and the mechanisms that they produce the absence of effective treatments and the dissatisfaction of the patients and the professionals in the current approach of the syndrome. "There are many people who suffer from fibromyalgia especially women" one of the researchers involved in this finding and regrets that "however it is a disease that is not given excessive importance even when it affects directly to the daily life of the patients and represents a very high medical cost.” Healthy Not high CBD Oil Colorado Hemp Oil is a healthy option because it not only offers many benefits it is also completely non-addictive and does not produce psychoactive effects. This means that CBD Hemp oil can be taken safely by anyone of any age without affecting mental capacity or creating dependency. It is especially useful for those who try to stay fit practice sports or training. Hemp oil is a super loader for your endocannabinoid system ECS

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The ECS endocannabinoid system is an essential component of a healthy body. A neural network the ECS is present in the entire central and peripheral nervous system of the body. It has "receptors" throughout the body even to the mitochondrial level. These receptors the main ones are called CB1 and CB2 are the starting point for a series of control systems that regulate many bodily functions. These receivers have special "key" interfaces to which both natural and hemp- extracted cannabinoid molecules can join and “connect ". CBD mimics action-or as scientists would say functions as a mimetic-of the organisms own natural cannabinoids mainly a 2-Araquidonoilglicerol 2-AG that affects the functionality of the immune system the regulation of appetite and Pain management. The CBD in hemp oil acts positively on these receptors. A Super Supplement Hemp oil works as a super supplement as it contains an extremely nutritious combination of components. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and omega 6 in a balanced 1:4 ratio. Hemp can be consumed as a food additive or as an ingredient in your favorite smoothie. A natural source of vitamins and minerals

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Hemp oil is a good source of vital vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthier. Important vitamins and minerals found in Colorado Hemp Oil include:  Vitamin B1 B2 B3 and B6  Vitamin E  Vitamin C  Calcium  Magnesium  Sulfur  Phosphor  Iron  Zinc Improve training performance CBD Hemp Oil offers great benefits for those who enjoy training and training. CBD creates a better environment for cell regeneration which helps a faster recovery. It is believed that the presence of cannabinoid receptors in cell membrane mitochondria found by a French scientist in 2012 is responsible for this improved cell performance. Mitochondria organelles within the cells of your body play an important role in tissue regeneration and energy supply within a cell 1. The Colorado Hemp Oil has in-depth article discussing how CBD fits with the structure and role of mitochondria in cellular metabolism. CBD before during and after training The positive effect of CBD hemp oil on mitochondria can be performed before during and after a workout. The cells and tissues that work best especially the muscles will always be those that are subjected to the least oxidative stress. Because the CBD reduces oxidative stress it can be used to:  CBD is a deter. This can help to prepare the body for a training session by detoxifying and energizing the cells for the activity.  CBD helps in cell regeneration. This is important after the workout when the muscles have broken.  CBD is a no tropic that helps cognition and can help improve focus.

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Deter with Colorado Hemp Oil Colorado Hemp Oil acts on cannabinoid receptors within a cell and can assist in the detoxification process by reducing reactive oxygen species ROS an important part of any detoxification process. You can also add hemp seeds to your detoxification programs as these seeds contain the amino acids cytokine and methionine which stimulate the liver to remove toxins from your body. There are a series of Colorado Hemp Oil that encourage detoxification. Maintain focus For many training activities being able to concentrate is a key factor. CBD is a no tropic 2. no tropic help to increase cognitive function and can help maintain focus during training. The CBD is anxiolytic reducing anxiety plays a role in improving focus. CBD users report that they feel very calm and clear when they use it. This is in direct contrast to the THC which can cause the opposite effect.

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Combat inflammation A common complaint arising from fitness training is inflammation. CBD is a antiinflamatorio3 so it is ideal for those seeking to solve the inflammatory conditions that result from training. This anti-inflammatory effect of the CBD also reduces muscle pain improving recovery after training. CBD is positively indicated as a supplement that can help combat many inflammatory conditions from less to more serious. Better and deeper sleep increases performance The importance of sleep for those struggling for a healthier lifestyle cannot be exaggerated. The dream is when our body repairs the damage suffered while awake. Those who train or train will find that a better sleep produces a faster recovery for tired parts of the body. Since the Colorado Hemp Oil restores the body to homeostasis and regulates balance and its anxiolytic properties reduce anxiety. A relaxed and balanced body should sleep better and deeper. This in turn accelerates recovery and optimizes the recovery process. Sleep benefits apply to anyone whether they work or just need to sleep better.

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