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CB Art Photography Reviews Groom Attire CB Art Photography reviews all aspects of a traditional wedding so that they know what to look for and know what to expect all so they can place themselves in the right place at the right time and at the right time so that they can be perfectly poised to capture the most essential shots of your wedding. This means they are also well-versed in the fashion choices of grooms and the groomsmen. Below they share some basic outfit choices for the man that are often the foundation of a themed matching of groom and groomsmen. Shoes A classy pair of shoes is always where the suiting process should start. Working from the ground up one can get a good idea of what they would like to add to their suit by beginning with what their feet will look like. Also comfort is highly important and your pictures will see the difference when your smiles aren’t interrupted with any discomfort. Pants Once the shoes have been chosen then the pants are what becomes the most essential accentuation to the lower half of your body. Choosing a sleek and comfortable pair of pants will show off your legs in fashion as you walk down that aisle. It is important to have the pants tailored by a professional so they don’t look too baggy or long which can compromise the rest of your appearance. Also a good belt will go a long way in giving the top of your pants that extra touch of distinction. Shirt and Jacket The shirt and jacket combo are perhaps the centerpiece of the groom’s outfit. It is what will get the most appearance both in photos as well as in the eye of all your wedding guests. Having a nice clean and ironed jacket with a clean white or colored shirt serving as an accent to the jacket will surely be the difference in impressing your guests. Tie or Bowtie The tie or the bowtie are the attire equivalent to the cherry on top of a sundae. They are a small piece of the outfit that makes one of the most significant impacts on how everything else comes together.

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