Useful tips to convert Blu ray to PS3 with VSO Blu ray to PS3 Converte

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Useful tips to convert Blu ray to PS3 with VSO Blu ray to PS3 Converter PS3 isthe third-generation home videogame console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2 as part of the PlayStation series. It is Sony's new PlayStation video gaming system. It has the ability to receive games and other audio-video content over the Internet. Also now you can play Blu ray on PS3 by converting Blu ray to your PS3 with a Blu ray to PS3 converter.VSOBlu rayto PS3Converter helpyou convertBlu-rayto PS3 or PSP, such asconvert Blu-ray to PS3 MPEG-4, PSP MPEG-4, PSP AVC and PSP MP3, convert Blu-ray to PSP H.264/MPEG- 4 AVC with high quality. This article will show you how to convert Blu ray to PS3 with just a few clicks. Get VSO Blu-ray to PS3 Converter Coupon Code . Get more VSO Coupon Codes . Step1. Select the Video Download, install Launch VSO Blu-ray to PS3 Converter. Insert Blu-ray disk or select the file from your hard drive, directly "drag and drop" the Blu ray source into the main window or clicking on the blue square button to browse your files. If you have inserted a Blu-ray disk and it is protected, you will need to have a decryptor software running at the same time in order to convert your Blu-ray to PS3. Step2. The entire contentof the Blu-ray will appear. If your videohasa bonus, itwill also be shown in this window. Select the video files (main movie, bonus...) you wish to convert, as well as the audio and subtitle tracks, according to the list offered on the original Blu-ray.

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Step3. Settings 1. Output Profile Select your video format amongst the available list: Low Def Mpeg4 or H264; 720p Mpeg4/H264 HQ or 1080p H264 HQ and Cuda. (Cuda appears in profile list only if nvidia cuda graphic card is detected and installed; and enables faster conversions)

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2. Quality. Youcanalsoselectthequalityaccordingtothefilterused,thisparameterwillaffecttheconversion speed: the highest the desired quality, the longer it will take to be converted. 3. Output File Settings Select the max target size , i.e. the size of the disk you will insert. If your project is big, you might have to use a double layer DVD (DVD9) to burn on. You can also split the conversion over two disks The Output folder is the location where your converted file will be saved. You can edit the destination if you wish to. Underneath you will find the Quality helper : this will give a good idea of the overall quality of the output file, depending on the project size and the DVD used (as set right above). The project size depends on the file itself, if bonuses/subtitles/audio track have been added, so you can play around those parameters to reduce the size of your project if needed. 4. Burn Settings Select the burner if you have more than one, and indicate the burning speed (we recommend to always use the lowest possible burning speed for best results), edit the name of your video if you wish. Customizetheburningparameters,likeerasingrewritablediskswithoutwarning,openingtheDVD tray at the end of the process and selecting the write method. When you're done with all your settings, hit the next step button and that's it! Step4. Video Processing The conversion will start automatically: This preview allows you to watch the conversion process. Step5. Burning If you haven't inserted a DVD in your burner, now it's time to do it. If you insert a DVD RW, it will be erased and formatted first.

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The burning process will start automatically You can also decide to burn the conversion later, or burn another copy. To do this, click on the "wheel" icon at the top right hand corner, select Tools and Burn an already ripped DVD project Then select your video in the window that opens, insert a DVD and you're done! Step6. Process completed You'll get a video readable on your Playstation 3 with an outstanding quality!