Catherine Demery - B.S. Biochemistry, University of Michigan

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Catherine Demery has remained involved in volunteer work and at the moment, she is volunteering at U of M hospital as part of the "HELP" team. Find out more about her at her official site


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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 1 Catherine Demery “Event Coordinator Mission 01 Management | Former Research Assistant University of Michigan Dept. of Chemistry | B.S. Biochemistry University of Michigan”

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 2 At the moment Catherine Demery is serving as an Analytical Chemist for Avomeen Analytical Services in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 3 She is celebrated for her volunteer work and is currently volunteering at U of M hospital as part of the "HELP" Hospital Elder Life Program team.

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 4 Catherine Olivia Aceti Demery is working in a pharmaceutical lab and is carrying out remarkable tasks. She has also served as an event coordinator.

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 5 Catherine Demery possesses incredible research aptitudes which she experienced as a research assistant at university of Michigan at department of chemistry. She also carried out deuteration reactions by using an NNN-pincer ligand.

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 6 Catherine Demery is quite interested in sports and has interest in basketball tennis swimming and diving.

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 7 Catherine Demery has the ability to concentrate on the details. She has outperformed as an event coordinator. Her intellect and ability has played a vital role in enhancing sales from 32538 to 96980 in less than a year.

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 8 Catherine Olivia Aceti Demery has carried out and organized multiple events as an event coordinator. She is also working at Mission 01 management as an event coordinator.

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The Elegant Powerpoint | Page | 9 THANK YOU Find out more about her at her official site

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