How Telemedicine Can Be of Immense Help during


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How Telemedicine Can Be of Immense Help during


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How Telemedicine Can Be of Immense Help during a Medical Emergency :

How Telemedicine Can Be of Immense Help during a Medical Emergency There are many cases when an emergency medical situation arises and the patient is in a remote location, which has no access to a healthcare setup. This presents a dangerous situation, where the patient needs to be transported across a long distance to reach a hospital or a doctor. Some patients may not be lucky enough to reach the emergency services on time and therefore the emergency medical situation proves to be fatal for them. In these cases, online medical consultation may prove to be life-saving.

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Online Doctor Advice

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The online doctor advice which may involve SOS medication or steps may prevent immediate fatalities and help him in reaching the nearby medical facility alive . The concept of online medical consultation, also called telemedicine, was initially associated with a lot of apprehension and doubt from the patients’ side. People were reluctant on using this technology to meet their medical needs. However, as the level of awareness rose, more and more people became increasingly aware of the benefits that come with using telemedicine.

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It is almost similar to consulting a doctor in his clinic, except for the fact that the patient is not actually sitting in the clinic or hospital. The patient can get the doctor advice while lying on his bed, miles away from the doctor .   Emergency situations require emergency measures. And imagine a person getting a heart attack or a stroke or acute stomach ache that needs immediate medical attention. Now imagine that the patient resides in a place that has no medical facility nearby and the nearest hospital is about 20 miles away.

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This is an emergency situation which demands an emergency measure but with no medical experts to tend to the situation. In this case, using telemedicine to consult the appropriate medical specialist may prove to be life-saving. The doctor will suggest emergency remedies that will improve the patient’s condition that may help him reach the nearest medical facility without succumbing to the medical condition. The medical staff of the hospital will then take care of the rest .

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Taking this into consideration, it is necessary that people are aware of the various telemedicine services available. Nowadays, there are many telemedicine apps that one can download and install on his mobile phone, which can help him during a medical emergency.