Caroline Thonon - MBA From The University of Dallas

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Caroline Thonon initiated SPAGO DAY SPA in 2001 where she is accredited for building a 5000 sq. ft. building. In terms of personal life, she is a divorcee and is living thankfully with her 2 daughters. Find out more about her at her official site


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Caroline Tho non Spa Consultant | Manager, Beautiful Health


Caroline Thonon is an experienced person as she studied Integrative Nutrition. She built a 5000 sq. ft. building to create a new business in order to start her spa business. She is working as a volunteer in an active manner.


Caroline Thonon moved to Switzerland when she was 14 years old and got enrolled in Swiss international boarding school. She is commended for running a successful and revenue generating business with 18 employees.


Caroline Thonon served as a Board member of Punta Gorda Chamber of commerce for almost 3 years. She also established SPAGO DAY SPA in 2001 owing to which she has gained much experience in handling spa business.  


Caroline Thonon is a spiritual person and she has studied spirituality with numerous Teachers. She attended a number of workshops and seminars and has taken classes from Deepak Chopra to Lester Levenson , Sai Maa , Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins etc.


Caroline Thonon is also into charity work and she is a GUARDIAN AD LITEM. She is demonstrating her abilities by raising her voice for children in Court, children in the foster system, or in dependency.


Thank You To know more about her visit her official site

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